I was so happy, happy, happy to hear from so many of my readers for the last post. Your compliments about the new blog design (ah, shucks, it not like I asked for it but I did) were sweet. Fear not, the very bland header will be replaced soon with a hand painted one. Soon as I paint it or find the one I painted two years ago and never scanned in. I do find that as I age, I am trending toward clean, white spaces in my life. It best be a passing phase because there is a whole... Read more

I decided to return to the world of blogging with not a splash but a flutter of angel wings as I blithely told you of my renewed artistic passion, vision, and spirit and my idealized embrace of all that is my life, heretofore known as: Mrs. Pom, Lifestyle Guru. Yes, you can have it all. Yes, you can remain fulfilled and relaxed and fun and organized and all good things all the time. You can! Except when you cannot. Which is most of the time. The combined effects of this: Plus this: Left me gaga for at least 5 days... Read more

I took a ten day spring vacation, which I highly recommend, and have come back with renewed desire to simplify my life and surroundings and make room for whom and what I love. A late spring vacation two hundred miles north is marvelously timed to immerse you once again in lawn carpets of cherry blossoms, nosy neighbors of nodding lilacs, and in-your-face shouts of magenta-hued rhododendron and mountain laurel that rise like banks of psychedelic mountains along the roadways. It's a sly way to trick Mother Nature and get a second go-round of the ridiculously girlish sumptuousness of the double... Read more

If you are as illustration-obsessed as I, buy this book. Early morning, I log onto this Mac and browse. I prefer to interface my way into my day with a little cyber playtime. I have a routine, which sites I go to first. I am very old school and still read blogs. I start the day with bright, pretty blogs that are worlds apart from mine. I like Mormon mothers who wear Anthropologie clothes, birth gorgeous children once a year, and decorate their homes in bright colors with whimsical touches. They're like a storyboard and, if I skip the proselytizing... Read more

I've never cared for hyacinths. They remind me of the plastic flowers that were so popular with housewives in the sixties. At least one great aunt had one, if not several, potted plastic hyacinths atop her living room credenza. Worst of all was those singular hyacinths that popped up in the garden, most likely an errant bulb that survived being tossed in the ground in a discarded pot from Easter. Our office moved this year and our parking garage is attached to a Whole Foods. My office is split 80/20 on the appreciation of WF, with the haters in the... Read more

I've been complaining for the last few years that my reading habits have crashed due to the Damn Internet. Instead of a book a week, I am reading skeeteen million blogs and obsessively looking for new pictures of my grandson when my daughter posts on Instagram. I have now, however, solved my Internet-induced ADD due to my HAD (hyper anxiety disorder)! Yay for the Damn Internet! You see, one of the few parts of my body that still get a great aerobic workout and keep my cardiac rhythm pumping overtime are my well-exercised adrenal glands. Kids, they are in the... Read more

Anyone else here have the words to every Raffi Christmas song imprinted in the brains of each member of the family? If you could see out my bedroom window this moment, or I wasn't too lazy to go downstairs and find my phone and take a pic to upload, you would think it was Christmas Eve and we were having The Best White Christmas Ever. I took a pic with Photo Booth, but it sucks and no matter what filter or adjustment I make, you can't see the snow coming down. So just picture a snow globe with heavy flakes... Read more

food stylist: Betti Zucker From my bed I can see the snow flying sideways across my window. The wind is howling in the eaves and our chimney cover is banging like a bass drum. We are warm and cozy, though, with the fire lit, the dogs at our side and that first sacramental cup of coffee in our hands. I took a few days off for my birthday. I usually don't do so since, in case you live in Shangri la and have missed this winter, a cold, overcast, grimy frozen tundra day is not my ideal personal day off.... Read more

It's awful, I know. The cold temperatures, the hazardous driving, the dark evenings, and the mounds of hardened snow and icy patches everywhere. Going outside to go anywhere becomes an Extreme Sport rather than just daily living. But it can't always be Summer (though I suppose it can in parts of the world, and I can tell you that I grew mighty sick of it when we lived in California). Extremes are exciting and terrifying and never monotonous. Even the limbo of cold and snow forcing me indoors is not the worst thing I have ever suffered. In fact, I... Read more

Sssshhh, don't tell anyone or they'll try to book me into something, but this is the first "almost" free weekend I've had since Halloween! I rushed home from work to try to visit the chunky monkey pictured above, but alas, he was cranky and his mother was putting him to bed early. Last weekend was his "half birthday" and his mother made him a rainbow cake and his grandma made him a crown (so much easier than baking). But they wouldn't let him have any! Just a tip of the tongue smidge of blue icing! He did start his first... Read more