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December 2003

what me complain??

Oh, yeah, I didn't have anything to do, boo hoo! I forgot that my son's college applications were all due tomorrow at his guidance counselor. So from noon till 6:00, my husband, son, and I scrambled to fill out 8 applications with all sorts of arcane data. Son is now composing several different one-size-fits-all-essays and father and I are passed out from licking stamps and checking and double-checking. Now everything has to be photocopied (thank god I bought my own copier a few years ago!) Son is allowing me to edit his essay for grammar and punctuation, but isn't making... Read more →

Whining, an entry

Sunday, almost noon. Discovered that the creeping crud that has visited all weekend is definitely sinus-related. Been up since 5:00 nursing said sinus headache. So now it's quiet, we've had bagels and coffee, read all of the NY Times and the local paper, and watched all of CBS Sunday Morning. All children are either asleep or otherwise occupied and DH has disappeared in to the basement. Perfect time to write/do some art, no? Instead, I'm surfing blogs and obsessing over why my hit count is so low. Then I get sucked into reading a published author's blog, complete with photos... Read more →

True Colors

My sister and I managed to get to the very last day of Karen Michel's exhibit on Long Island. It was worth the wait! We met Carlos, her fiancee and an incredible artist, and talked with Karen for a little while. Carlos began CASK in 1996 and they have recently moved to their present location in Lynbrook. The gallery space is beautiful, with white walls and a blonde parquet floor. Carlos and Karen did all of the renovation work themselves. She has a large space in the back for classes and their studios. We could only chat for a few... Read more →


I spend my days behind a desk, or in a court of law. I sit and wait for the clerk to call my case, or for the plaintiff's lawyer to finish his cross-examination. I sit in traffic on the way home. I stand in line at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the post office. I make dinner, clean up, and sort the mail. I listen to essays, ask quiz questions for math, and brush my teeth. In my heart I am writing every minute, transcribing against the soft flesh of my core all the wonders I have seen today: the... Read more →

THE RED JOURNAL -Late Thanksgiving Night

I am waiting for the sweet quiet moments of candlelight the lit tree fire blazing carols on the stereo I am waiting for the spark of light against cold a shooting star of hope to ignite dying embers of a fierce late summer blaze that warmed us through the heady winesap of autumn. Glory be I am yearning to sit before the round white host ablaze in its gold holder a silent communion eyes shut the solace of soul quiet admidst the bustling of curiosity. Read more →


They dragged me into the Christmas shop. Trying to perk me up, get me happy, forget about all the crap at home. It was too sunny and warm for Christmas trimmings and my mind was on cramming the shopping and cooking around work this week in time for the big Thanksgiving meal that still falls to me to do even though we both work full time. This was the same store that sells patio furniture. The place last summer where the clerk couldn't be bothered greeting us or getting out from behind the counter when we wanted to know what... Read more →

Norman Rockwell lived here

He really did. At least in the city I live in now. Thanksgiving to me is THE Norman Rockwell holiday. Christmas has too much religious and emotional baggage. Thanksgiving is pure American Romanticism. Right now I feel free - our office closed at 1:00 and I don't have to go back until Monday! So once I get this meal over with and cleaned up, I am a free woman. What to do? I have in mind a trip to the city to some cool stores I've found. One has vintage cards and wrapping paper from the 1940's, Tinsel Trading. The... Read more →

Hamster Wheel

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Like most of our anniversaries in the last 5 years, it comes at the peak of my d.h.'s ill health. I can't remember a holiday season in the past five years when we haven't been totally stressed out about his health and his losing his job or not being able to find a job. Last year, he injured his neck and was in incredible pain beginning Christmas Eve and going through the end of Jan. He spent Christmas propped up on my sister's couch for about two hours, then left, leaving me to drive home... Read more →

Come Saturday Morning

It's only 8:30 Saturday morning and I've already done my grocery shopping for T-day - online. Stop and Shop has a delivery service in my area. I started doing it about two mnths ago when I had been to the grocery store every night after work and we still didn't have anything in the house to eat. My husband used to have this chore but now that he's working full ti me again and nursing his back, it fell back to me. It's the greatest invention since indoor plumbing. I've screwed up a few time - the first time I... Read more →


It's Friday and the sun is shining after a week of miserable flooding rain and cold. Every night I've dragged myself home and burrowed under the covers as soon as seemingly possible. I can't keep my eyes open past nine o'clock. The journal in which I was painting background pages is sitting in the exact spot I left it Sunday night. It looks at me rather accusingly and I tell it I'm sorry and I'll be back in a day or so. I am psyched to get going with my illustrated journal again. Unfortunately, Kate's Paperie has not called me... Read more →