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Manifesting Miracles

THE LONG TERM GOALS TO PUT OUT IN THE UNIVERSE FOR 2004: 1. Eat, drink, exercise, and get healthy! Shed the next 40 pounds, get the heart rate going again, get more stamina in my energy level! 2. Be more prolific in my writing and art and submit pieces for submissions on a more regular basis. 3. Set up a webpage (now that I have a scanner) 4. Find a way, some tantalizing way, to live the life I read and drool about. In other words, live the life Under The Tuscan Sun, without going to Italy (or go to... Read more →

The Best Of

The Best of 2003 1. Watching my 12 year old play softball and having her team win the Fall Championship 2. Going to Cape Cod for two weeks; the first with my husband kids, and cousins, and the second just with my sister, my niece, and my 12 year old. 3. Having an artist book and short article published in Somerset Studio this October. 4. My husband being able to go back to work full time and our finances easing up. 5. My cousin's wedding in which my two girls were bridesmaids, and seeing them all dressed up and looking... Read more →

Being There

I had last week off and the rest of this week, but I had to go into work today. It was odd, returning for a one-day appearance in a two-week break. Making a cameo appearance as a colleague said. Last night I felt like I had the first day of school waiting for me, but the day itself was calm as my boss is still away and I didn't have any court assignment. It's weird to face the wrest of the week off. I could get used to working one day a week. It brings to a head my growing... Read more →

Computer Migraines

Soon after I downloaded the program for this blog, my computer went on a diet. It will not download any more files from anywhere. No more. Nope. Nada. I've coaxed it with scrumptious morsels of data, tried force-feeding it (if I keep clicking this key, it will work!), and then going into ignorant denial like a mother wiht an anorexic teen (I'll pretend its OK and one of these days it will fix itself.) Finally, after having exhausted all the free help around me (sisters, friends, etc.), I decided to bite the bullet and went on and paid the... Read more →

Today was return and exchange gifts day. I got a migraine in the middle of a store. Nauseated, I sought refuge in the upscale restroom. I could have lived in the small, cubicled stall. It was marble and had walls to floor and ceiling and a lock. Actually, a great place to journal. Even a small shelf to hold belongings and very clean. Larger than my bathroom at home. I came home and ate the pignollatta I made yesterday and had a little egg nog while watching "Seabiscuit". Very good movie, but DH says book is so much better (as... Read more →

Manifest Destiny

I am working on manifesting my own destiny for 2003. But I have a lot to work on it before I post. So I thought I'd start small by Manifesting My Destiny from Dec. 26th to January 5th: 1. Get Chris the Bass Guitar he wanted instead of the Electric Guitar the stupid online place sent. 2. Bake gingerbread cookies and pignollata because all my kids are going into home-made cookie withdrawal. (Surreptitiously showing them HOW to make them so they can take over the baking, see post of few weeks ago.) 3.Set up my scanner and post a whole... Read more →

The Big Day

After a rainy and windy Christmas Eve day, we made it to the Children's Mass. It was noisy and crowded and everything you expect on Christmas Eve with a church full of kidlets. My favorite part is at the end of Mass when all the lights in the church are extinguished except for the candles on the altar and we all sing Silent Night. My honey was home by the time we returned. The lobster pots were boiling and the linguine was almost done. We were famished and just fell upon the food in a frenzy. I was exhausted by... Read more →

'Twas the Day Before

A rainy, dark Christmas Eve. But that's okay too. Last year was The Big Snowstorm and I was getting claustrophobia from too much family togetherness. I can still get out in the rain. I have one more trip to the Stupidmarket as my friend calls it. I"m picking up the seafood for Stan's Big Night (see the Tucci film to get it.) Lobster, shrimp, calamari, and crab claws. I also have a crown roast of lamb which is going into the freezer. It is the result of some sister skirmishes that I can't write about for fear of Offending Everyone.... Read more →

Solstice Fun

Why is at Christmastime I always feel like cutting out construction paper and using tons of glitter and Elmer's glue. Or even better, that glue that you dig out of a jar and used to eat a little in grade school. Worst still is Coccoina glue, which smells exactly like marzipan and comes in a cute round metal tin. I have been known to inhale it deeply late at night when I've needed something sweet but nothing's in the house. (It doesn't get you high, just makes your mouth water). Anyway, I feel the need to make some Christmas angels... Read more →

Womenfolk and Dawn to Dusk

I forgot about the metamorphis that comes over everyone in my family when I am home from work. They all forget how to move, talk, eat, clean, or even breathe without their Momma. No, really, this was today: Up at 5:30 worrying about the to-do list Wrapped gifts from 9:00 to 10:30 Ordered groceries on line 10:30 to 10:45 Took 2 kids for check ups and blood work - 10:45 to 1:00 Fed them before they fainted (at the diner of course) 1:00 to 1:45 Went to p.o. and mailed the 32 Christmas cards I managed to do while waiting... Read more →