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2 Cleveland Court

Today would have been my grandmother's 99th birthday. She died 14 years ago this month. A first generation American, Grandma was born on Elizabeth Street in New York City. She married young - 15 - to my grandfather. She had five children, the oldest died at birth. My mother was the second born, the second daughter. Two boys followed, both lawyers, one a judge. She's been on my mind all month, my grandmother. This weekend especially, her spirit was very intense. I had to resist going past the house, it's a big house on the end of a small dead-end... Read more →

Stuffed Up

I finally went to the doctor yesterday for the upper head congestion that's been plagueing me since before Thanksgiving. Yep, got a sinus infecton. So after going to work and flying and pretending forever that I didn't have it, I let the doc's diagnosis allow me to succumb to it. I came home, climbed into bed and didn't get up until this morning. Before I was able to do this, I went to court, went back to the office, typed up 20 reports, packed up my stuff, slid in the snow and landed on my butt carrying a vase of... Read more →

Art as Spirit

Everyone is knitting these days. The blogs are full of full, quirky sites about knitters. I am tempted to run to the knitting store and load up on bamboo needles and that "caterpillar" wool that has little fly-away threads and make myself a boa in luscious crimson. Sure would brighten up the monochromatic world we are trudging through this month. In Sacred Ordinary, Fran writes about spiritual practices and mentions a zen knitting story. About ten years ago, I read the book that I believe started the return to our grandmother's craft - "The Knitting Sutra". If you go to... Read more →

When I first started the blog, I set up three categories. "Lined Pages" was my every day journal writing; "The Azure Journal" was extended essays about my family; "The Red Journal" was supposed to be fiction. Only it didn't work. I would start writing, and it might morph from a basic entry into an extended one, or turn into fiction, or be none of the above. So I just gave it up. I'm beginning to think I may split the blog into two: one for writing and one for art. But then if I start writing about what I did... Read more →

And a Little More Snow

More snow, sheets and sheets of it filling up all the cracks in my soul. It started about 7:00 p.m. and is predicted to go through the night into the morning. I'm sur they'll be no school and my office will at least have a delayed opening. Pray that it keeps us at least through noon so that my office will officially close! This is what I will do tomorrow if I get a SNOW DAY!!!!! -Sleep till 8:00 and then grind the Starbucks new blend and make Italian bread french toast which I will eat on my new rattan... Read more →

Idle Hands & All That

Significant snow due in New York and Boston. Bitter temperatures, low, grey skies, days and days of it. I feel as though I'm trudging everywhere: to work, to the store, to the courthouse, and home. My feet are heavy with snowboots and my heart leaden with lack of cheer. The nights melt into mindless TV viewing and trips up and down the stairs in search of sugar and fat. My God, I'm a bear hibernating! Last night I had to finish a swap that was long overdue and supposedly in the mail on Monday (sorry Sarah!). It was a fun... Read more →

Some of us believe that our relationships with our partners and loved ones exist within a circle that encompasses every moment spent together, every word spoken to each other, and every touch shared with each other. We reassure ourselves that as long as we stay within this magic circle, even if we stray to the perimeter of it, or even press up against the diameter until it has an unsightly bulge, that as long as we do not break through the curve, the relationship is alive and will survive, grow, and prosper. The problem is when only one partner is... Read more →

I'm here, surfacing for a brief look around. The weekend was spent catching up on household things and family needs. I also am way behind in an art swap that was due last week. Almost done, but need another evening to get it out. Various viruses are running their course around here. Nothing awful, but enough to earn the title of the "creeping crud". I finally bought Middlesex and plan to begin it this week. January seems to be made for reading and not much else. New snow is expected and Tueday into Wednesday looks like a mess. Ciao till... Read more →