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You are Phlegmatic. You have a peace-loving nature, and make a good listener and a faithful friend. You do have a tendency to be selfish and stubborn in your worst moments, and your worrying can lean towards paranoia. Phlegmatics should consider careers as accountants, diplomats, engineers, and administrators. You are a somewhat reluctant leader, but your practicality and steady nerve under pressure makes you a natural choice for leadership roles. Which of the Humours are you? brought to you by Quizilla Read more →

Winter warm-uo, February thaw, March coming in like a lamb instead of a lion, whatever you wish to term it, we are having unprecedented warm weather here in the Northeast. temps in the high-50's. The sounds of basketball and swings are heard all over my neighborhood. Bikes and skateboards litter the lawn. I am outside, picking up winter-blown trash, then off for an exploration of the city. From Upper West Side to the Bowery,, over to the Fulton Fish Market, across to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, we are driving, singing, eating over-stuffed Noo Yawk deli sandwiches, picniking on Italian... Read more →

Blank Book Slut

I have shelves that are loaded with books on art, writing, and creativity. They are all inspiring, beautiful, and little chunks of an artists lives that I can hold in the palm of my hand. The rest of the shelves are filled with notebooks and journals. There is a series of 7 spiral bound, lined notebooks like the kind my kids use for school. They were the earliest journals I used. Then came the wonderful new world of "blank books" - remember those? I remember swooping upon a carousel display rack of them in Walton books and shivering with delight... Read more →

Ash Wednesday

Most Christians observe Ash Wednesday as the first day of Lent, the six week period preceeding Easter. It is a day of fasting and prayer, the day that Catholics receive ashes on their foreheads and walk around rather self-consciously proclaiming our faith. Days of fasting and abstinence mean eating only one big meal and abstaining from meat (not sure if abstaining from sex is included, but hey, its a weeknight so little chance of that anyway!) Fastting and abstinence are so linked in my mind with dieting that I often fail to carry through on the ritual, succumbing to temptation... Read more →

I don't post twice a day, but I have to say this: George W. Bush is a pandering, dangerous idiot. With all the violence and poverty in the world, we are worried about people wanting their love to be recognized in a legal institution? Read more →