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I want to thank those of you that are my enablers - you know who you are: LK sending me the Borders coupon, like I need another excuse to go over to Borders and buy more books, even if 20% off. And kudos to Danny Gregory who posts about Jerry's Artarama and now I have the catalogue to dream about. And Roz who turns me onto Faber Castell pencils which I bought at Jerry's along with a ridiculously expensive watercolor journal. Maybe Julia Cameron is right: I need a news and communication deprivation for about a year so I can... Read more →

Give Me a Head of Hair

Two of my sisters and I are going to a new hairdresser. I started going there first, convinced Marietta to go, then Maria. My mother is on the verge of going and Alicia is also teetering towards making an appointment. Before I started going to Teddy, we all went to Judy, who is an old friend. She did my hair and make up when I got married. After my sisters started having kids, Judy started coming to the house so she could do everyone at once. It was quite a scene with Judy calmly cutting hair in the midst of... Read more →

More on Word and Image

I had an interesting comment from Ana, who describes herself as a frustrated nature photographer in the middle of a city. She has a beautiful blog that is focused on "View of the Northeast" through her camera lens. Ana writes, "I feel very conflicted about the role of images at the moment. As you pointed out, withholding an image may not be altruistic. But showing an image is not necessarily altruistic either, if the effect is to overwhelm with emotion at the expense of thought. Which is not to say that the emotions evoked by an image have no place,... Read more →

I've been thinking a lot lately about image and the word. What is it about an image that is so much more startling or apt than the words that describe that same image? If I tell you that the dogwood trees outside my bedroom window have flowers that look like the hand-painted saucers and miniature teacups that my childhood friend and I played with beneath the azaleas bushes in my yard, I think you will picture the tree studded with delicate flowers in your mind and be able to envision the delicate blossoms and their colorful fragility. Yet, a painting... Read more →

I am wrestling with the first chapter of the novel. I've written about 15, er, make that 10 chapters, but have gone back to the first. The story of the novel is slowly being revealed to me. The writing is hard. I have to poke and probe in areas I'd rather leave forgotten. The rawness unsettles me. I am home alone, writing at the dining room table. I get up ten times to check the contents of the refrigerator. I leaf through a decorating magazine. I look around the room in distate at our jumbled furniture. I decide to paint... Read more →

New features?

Tyepad has changed the way you insert images. I don't know if it's me or them but I can't get the image for the post below to come in clearly. Yet, if you click on the image, a small pop up appears that is crisp and well-defined. Sorry for the blurry image. I'm off to Typepad Help to figure out what's going on. Read more →

Friday night and the time is right for dancin' in the street

Friday night. Always a time of great anticipation for me. I want to celebrate the weekend on Friday nights. It's a night to go out dancing and work up a real sweat while my skirt twirls around my legs. Fridays nights are for Mexican food and margaritas. In the summer, Friday nights for eating down by the water and nursing a drink until after dark, watching the boats come into the harbor with their running lights on. (God how I crave a cigarette then!) Sleepovers are usually a Friday night routine around here. They involve several cousins, a bag of... Read more →

Last evening, the youngest daughter had a softball game at a field at a private girls school. When the sun went down, the temperature dropped about twenty degrees and the damp rose up from the ground. I, a big weenie, decided I would watch the game from the warmth of my car in the parking lot, which was right against the field. I had a good view of the players and I saw every hit, bunt, slide, and steal of the 6th grade game. When we got there, we had to wait about 20 minutes for the high school girls'... Read more →