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To the Ship!

The weather is just glorious! Sunny, cool, crisp days, with breezy white puffs scudding across a cerulean sky. Stan and I were up early and out to the diner to eat breakfast near the water. The air was fresh and every tree leafed out in paint box shades of green. Neon red geraniums cascade out of freshly-painted white window boxes. Cedar trellises worn silver by the sun are trimmed with dark green ivy. Big clay pots hold magenta and eggplant cascading petunias. Red, white, and blue flags waved from white houses with black shutters. It was a very New England... Read more →

Memorial Weekend

The reason for this holiday weekend has largely been forgotten except for wreath-laying and newspaper articles about the aged veterans of WWII. My own Dad is gone, but even when alive, I don't recall him treating this day as different from any other. As a salesman, holiday weekends meant long hours of work and the hope for big sales commissions, and certainly little thought was given to fallen comrades. My Dad never talked to us about the war. He didn't share many stories with his five daughters about his time in the Asian theater of WWII. I had to wait... Read more →

Art Retreat

Thursday night before Memorial Day. My boss told me to call after work before I come back to the office tomorrow because they are probably closing early. God, I love this job! (snirk) Is it right to love a job just because of the hours? I mean, shouldn't I be more serious about my career and my advancement? All I know is that it's a three and a half day weekend and I'm kicking back. I have immediate plans and they all center around my art room. I really wanted to go to Artiology last weekend, but I just didn't... Read more →

It's only Wednesday, but I'm ready for the weekend! Nothing particular going on, just very busy at work and end of the year school activities. Tonight is the last band concert for my son and we are gong to SUNY Purchase for the concert. It has a state-of-the-art concert facility and it's always a pleasure to listen to the band play in a professional setting. Last year the school played at Lincoln Center. I don't think my son will ever forget that experience. This morning is the medieval fair where Julia gets to wear her monk's robe and tonsure wig... Read more →


I come from the town that I live in now. If you drew a line from my current house to my childhood home and then to the house where I lived the first 5 years of my life, it would make an isosceles triangle. Captured in the triangle would be the house that my mother was born in, one of those 3-story, narrow brick homes that housed her family, her grandparents, and her aunt's family. It was in the "Italian section" of town, and my grandmother's sister-in-law still lives there. The roses my great-grandmother planted by the fence still bloom... Read more →

Getting dressed for work in the cold-weather months is easy. It's usually just a matter of opening the closet and picking out one of a number of dark-colored suits. Should I wear black, navy blue, or brown today? Yuck and boring. But safe. There's little risk in a two-piece suit and a blouse. Maybe the height of the heels - almost all are black - is the only thing that stumps me at 7:00 a.m. Behind the wall of black wool, I am safe, my figure flaws hidden as much as possible, but more, I am armored, ready to battle.... Read more →

I am creatively barren this week. Not in a bad way, not in a desperate way, just in a phase where I needed time to regroup my energies and tend to some family matters. Still, I hate when I become disconnected with words and paint. I know I am disengaged when I stare at the typepad empty post template and can't think of anything to write. My good friend, Paula, sent me a copy of a post I'd written a few years ago. I'd forgotten about it and enjoyed reading it as though someone else had written it. Here's some... Read more →

I haven't written any posts of substance since the weekend because our evenings have been very busy with kid stuff. As you can see, the 2000 cubes of sugar have been assembled into the requisite castle. Praise the Lord! The last six weeks of school are always intense for both parent and child. There are major projects due that need guidance, trips to the library, art store, and generally parental oversight and nagging. This year is particularly busy with the different rites of passage they are all experiencing. It's a challenge to juggle the demands of three kids when the... Read more →

This is the invitation I designed for my son's grad/birthday party. It's a photo of him on Nauset Beach in Cape Cod when he was about four years old, getting his kite up in the air for the first time. We are all coming down with colds, so no writing last night. As my husband and I struggled to stay awake past nine o'clock, Mystery Man appeared and preceeded to fling himself on our bed, no mean feat for my almost six-feet tall son. He's decided that he doesn't want to work the job that was supposed to make him... Read more →