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Hello Young Lovers

I promise I will not start another post with a song refrain, but this one is so apt. the Princess, as you know, is home from college and lifeguarding at a camp. She is having major love problems. Without invading her privacy, suffice to say that we never love those that love too easily, and we always want the one that got away. That sounds like a fortune cookie - simply put, she doesn't return the feelings of someone who is her friend, and she is attracted to someone else but doesn't want to lose the friendship. She came home... Read more →

Morning Has Spoken

The end of June has brought crispy, sunny weather to the Northeast. We've only had to turn on the air conditioning one night so far this year. The air smells wonderful this morning, and outside the French doors of my bedroom, the scene is filled with green-leafed trees. Our little efforts at gardening have blossomed into great returns. The hydrangea are a heavy blue under the dogwood tree. Stan's bright yellow day lilies are a spot of color against the fence in the backyard, and the bower of pink "Peace" roses are in their second flush of blooms. Two years... Read more →

Summer weekends are as fleeting as the strobe of a firefly. When I get up Saturday morning, the two days appear as discrete, separate chunks of time: Saturday is errands and chores, followed by afternoon leisure and some form of Saturday night entertainment. Sunday is church-going in the morning, often a meal together out, and then lay back summering in the afternoon. But come late Saturday afternoon, I'm often rushing through more "to-do's", with various people needing my time and attention. Early Sunday coffee and the papers abruptly ends with the drill sergeant routine of rousing sleep-ins for church, and... Read more →

Here at Home

I've been reading "The Pine Island Paradox" by Kathleen Dean Moore, who is a nature writer and chair of the philosophy department at Oregon State. She writes beautifully in the tradition of Annie Dillard, integrating her family and personal life into the wilds of Oregon that she inhabits for several months in the summertime. Intriguingly, she also writes that she lives in town, close enough to her neighbors to hear the water pump on their fountain twenty-four hours a day and to smell their dryer sheets when they do the wash. She actually owns land twenty miles out of town,... Read more →

Sum, sum, summertime's top 10

Summer has officially started and I am buoyed by the long, long days of light and warm weather. Do you think if kids went to school in the summer, the season would still have such mythical allure? Summer is my favorite season, baring temps over 100 and/or torrential rains. But even cold, wet, rainy summer days are piquant. Think steamer rugs over your legs, the crinkle of wicker chairs, and a stack of books from the library. So what are your top summertime moments? 1. Anything connected with water - preferably calm ocean, a turquoise pool, or cool lake, in... Read more →

Let me explain about the lack of artwork. I haven't had time to scan new stuff in, and I haven't been doing much new stuff with all the family events that have finally ended. So I hope to get back into the habit of art once more and I'll continue uploading new files in a little while. I didn't think I should post without putting up artwork, but then I thought it was stupid not to post because I didn't have any art ready, so I am just going with the flow. Summer is not the time for "have-to's" as... Read more →

You know that feeling of laissez faire that you possess when you first go back to work after some time off? Is it possible to keep that going? Today I never even went to the office because they had me double booked for court and deposition, so actually I still feel pretty relaxed. I shudder to think what is waiting for me on my desk, but that will wait till tomorrow afternoon. The problem with work is that it's so, well, every day. In terms of stressful law jobs, mine comes in spurts. The stress is from volume more than... Read more →

OMG, it's 12:40 on a sunny, cool, breezy Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting on my bed reading blogs. But before you tell me to get a life (and what are YOU doing reading this blog), I'll clarify by saying that I've been up since 8:00, cleaned the first floor's party detritus, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and did the first handwash of things that can't go in the dishwasher. I've also had a piece of berry shortcake, two brownies, two slices of the giant sandwiches we served (eggplant, mozzarell and tomato, and turkey and roast beef). I am planning on... Read more →


Hallo! It's me, waving to you from the coolness of my air conditioned bedroom where I've popped in between errands and party chores. Mystery Man's grad party is in a few hours. The weather is iffy - it's cooler but cloudy and it may rain. Hmmpf! I'm pretending there's no chance of thunderstorms and setting up outside. Otherwise, I'll have 35 people standing shoulder to shoulder in two rooms. In the meanwhile, there are older children who are ignoring my cries for help and lolling in their beds. The littlest served Mass for her first time this morning, so we've... Read more →

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Not an original idea on my part, but still a very good platitude to follow. Yesterday I chafed a little against all the things I "had" to do. I was rested from one day off and ready to take on a big project, like sewing, painting, or escaping the house and going to the movies all day. My plans were thwarted by a small, brown-haired girl who woke up early and appeared with two Social Studies textbooks and a battered notebook and a final exam to study for. Instead of the Stepford Wives or The Weeping Camel, I was study... Read more →