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Having a Great Time, Etc

I'm here, I'm here! It's me waving frantically to you from my perch on a stool in the P'town Cyber Cafe. I had to travel the 20 miles up here in order to log on. The high speed internet access promised at the rental house turned into a dial up where we are paying for a toll call to get on line, so we didn't bother to open an account. There's a local coffee shop with wifi, but after a frustrating hour when even the cafe owner couldn't get my laptop to open a web page, I ran out of... Read more →

Here I am, having survived the week and almost all packed for my trip. We are loading the cars, putting the carrier on top of one, and managing to get all the art supplies I need in a bag. Okay, two bags. Okay, three bags if you count books. My sister and I always go to the Cape together. This started when the kids were tiny and we were dying to have another adult to change diapers and run after kids on the beach. Since then, it's been a fifteen year tradition and we couldn't possibly be there without her.... Read more →

>Not a lot of time to post. Work is crazy and I come home exhausted and tumble into bed. So here are some links for you to have fun with while I slumber: This may the coolest post I've ever read, and not just because I'm in it! Art for Housewives is a blog crammed with interesting links to art by women from all over the world. It is updated daily and always leads me on a pleasant hour of surfing links. Barbara DePirro's site was introduced to me by my friend, a great artist herself, Lynette Hensley. Both their... Read more →

Shameless Personal Promotion

There's a new arts magazine debuting in October by the publishers of Quilting Arts magazine, called ClothPaperScissors. If you are interested in mixed media art, journals, collages, assemblages, fiber art, and more, you will love this new quarterly magazine. And I'm pleased to announce that I will be writing a column for the new magazine. Check it out and subscribe! Read more →

Lost Weekend

The weekend was very low key, which is just what we all needed after last week. I spent Saturday largely on my own, with the husband and Mystery Man up at college and the girls swimming at the pool. I took advantage of alone time and pruned the overgrown bushes in front of the house. I planted the hydrangea that my sister gave me for Easter, and the new coneflowers and lambs ear we bought a week ago. I refurbished the window box on the front porch, planting some lovely sprawling daisies in bright orange and yellow and a cascading... Read more →

Let It Be

I am just a storyteller. I claim to be nothing more. I'm not here to give you the news, or political commentary, or even to provide a true-slice-of-life. All I am and all I ever aspire to be is the teller of tales, a wordsmith who can fashion a mystery out of a hat with a veil and a dried up rose. To ask more is to seek ambiguity where none exists. I am truth and lies, and at times, "sound and fury signifying nothing". I must remind myself of this when I struggle to find the words to type... Read more →

At the Beach, But Don't Go In the Water

When we were growing up, there wasn't any money for trips or vacations. Summers were spent at the city beach, where it cost a $1.00 for a summer pass and a dime a day admission for kids and a quarter for adults. The beach was small, but we knew most of the people there and we had a bunch of relatives who kept us company each day. Since we moved back to the area, we took our kids to see the beach. (My husband grew up a block away and often went to the beach, and we fantasize that we... Read more →

Hell Week

Friday, giddy, happy, sunny Friday, after a very long week of overtime and family stress as everyone comes and goes and the home fires ain't burning. At one point this week, my husband left me a voice mail that he didn't know where our youngest was, and assumed she had slept at someone's house. Not a message to receive as I was speeding to a meeting and knew that the daughter had not slept anywhere but home. After a moment of panic, I recalled that said daughter had slept in the TV room on the third floor, and called suggesting... Read more →

Drawing My Way Through the Day

This is what I consider to be a silly, badly-done little drawing I began with after not drawing for a couple of months. Notice the way the back shelf slants upward to the right. The poor coffee mugs are handing on for dear life! My friend, Roz, got me drawing again by posting her incredible sketches from her latest journal. You know what I love about Roz? She is a professional artist, and on her website, her amazing journals are listed under "fun". She loves drawing and painting and you can see that in every one of her journal pages.... Read more →

Change in the Air

The weather has moved abruptly from summer into fall. We've had heavy rains and temperatures in the low '60's for several days. I feel so badly for my paralegal because she is spending the week at the Jersey shore - I hope they have plenty of videos to watch! It hasn't felt summery this week anyway. Stan's been working the night shift because they are trying, for the third time, to install a new, massive inventory software. He's coming home just as I'm getting up and we manage to grunt at each other and not much else. Work has been... Read more →