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Calm After the Storm

A whole week has gone by since Mystery Man left for college. We are all settling into a new routine and I have calmed down and stopped obsessing over matters over which I have no control. We have pleasant phone conversations with both the kids and are trying to get a handle on the amount of money we've spent since the summer. I took the Little One for school clothes last night and that should be the end of the big outlays, besides the usual bills. Still, when I go to sleep at night, the last prayer on my lips... Read more →

It Does Take a Village

To stem the flood of outraged emails I've received over my cat pranks, let me clarify that I did abandon the cat in a park, but it was a mere few months after it strolled into our life as a stray that literally walked into our kitchen and demanded a meal. I figured it could do the trick one more time and get someone else to fall for it. In any case, we've had the beast for ten years and he's not going anywhere soon. And we have another cat, Whiskers, MY cat, who is an indoor cat and has... Read more →

Thumper Redux

In my new commitment to be honest with myself and in this blog, I have to tell a tale on myself. This cat's encounter with a rabbit is not the first. Many years ago in Memphis, when the Little Girl was only a few years old, I looked out on my backyard with the sparkling pool, the bosomy hydrangeas, and the flowering crepe myrtles and found the snake in the garden. Or, rather, the same cat with a rabbit in its mouth, while it paraded proudly around the pool. I gave chase with a broom and the cat dropped the... Read more →

Where is Thumper?

It meant so much to me to come home from another twelve-hour road trip to find you kind comments and support waiting for me. I feel much better tonight, now that the two older kids are settled at school. Sending my son off to school was much more emotional than it was when my daughter went. For one thing, I still had two kids at home. For another, I was a girl once and I understood exactly how she would adjust and react to college. I don't call my son Mystery Man for nothing, and I realize now how high... Read more →

I'm thinking of pulling the plug on this blog. I am getting old, stale, boring, decrepit. The quality of the writing is down, not what I was putting into it when I first started. I have less time for it, and I feel like I've turned it into a run-of-the-mill what I ate for breakfast blog. Maybe I just need some time away. Too many family members reading it also, so I have to filter an awful lot. (no, I don't mean you). Maybe I'll just post art for awhile. When I run out of art to upload, I'll reconsider... Read more →

I'd like to lay around like a cat today, but one more day in court, one more trial to fight for, and then we're on the road again to take The Princess to school. She, thank God, packs herself and is very organized. I've enjoyed having her home this summer. She's between boyfriends and is more even-tempered than in summers past. I'll miss her sitting on the couch admiring her new red pedicure while rooting on the Yankees and exploding when they miss the ball. Julia has been solaced at the temporary loss of both brother and sister by the... Read more →

Moving On

This photo is a picture of my grandmother's house being moved to the other side of her property about 49 years ago. The State of New York decided to put an exit ramp for the New England Thruway through the side of my grandparents' lot, and their wooded, quiet dead end street became an overlook for the noisy, dirty constant noise of progress. The house was a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian with upper and lower porches, perfectly suited to its site. In order to move it, the porches were stripped off , and after the move, it was shingled with... Read more →

A Mailbox Full of Journal Goodies

I preordered Hannah Hinchman's book last March and then the publication was postponed month after month and I eventually forgot about it. So I ripped open the familiar brown, flat Amazon package without a clue as to what I was getting and I was jazzed to see Walks With Sisu (which was the original name and that's what has stuck with me). The book is as elegant and authentic as A Trail Through Leaves. The entire book, from frontspiece to end is hand-lettered - even the ISBN number - by the author and it's not a computer font either, and... Read more →

So Lonely

Hullo? Anybody home? Knock, knock, anyone out there? comments down, visits down. Gives a girl pause. (Shameless trolling for responses). This is a photo of The Young One in her surfing gear. We actually got the surf board on the Cape, and it just happened to match the outfit she bought at Old Navy. Is she cute or what, excuse the mother kvelling. I'm home today to take The Princess to have all four wisdom teeth removed. Ouch! I didn't dare tell her that at her age, I was supposed to have all four removed but only went for two... Read more →

Night Visitor

This is a photo of the owl who came to visit us while we sat on the deck in Cape Cod. We were just finished having dinner and were talking around the table when my husband said, "There's an owl in the tree". I turned, expecting to see a blur in the distance, and was surprised to the owl was on the branch closest to the deck, close enough that I could have stood up and tugged on the branch if I wanted to. He was a very composed owl. He sat there nonplussed for at least five minutes while... Read more →