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I'll Do Anything Other Than What I Have To

I'm supposed to be writing my next submission for CPS. It's due soon. Tomorrow in fact. OK, I've written about five drafts but it's not singing yet. You know what I mean. You can write an interesting essay that is essentially "bleh", but if you work on it long enough it takes a life of its own and you throw out all the drafts and just whip through the perfect essay like someone is dictating it to you. That hasn't happened yet. So instead, while I watch Malcolm in the Middle, I'll tell you the story of the Little One's... Read more →

These are the business cards from two of Mario Battali's restaurants in NYC. I'd like to tell you that I've eaten there, but I haven't. I just took them from Otto's, his other restuarant. Maybe if they did take out, we'd order from there, of course they'd also have to deliver to the suburbs. Unfortunately, our weekday menus tend to rotate through pizza, Chinese, burgers, pasta, and maybe sushi on Friday nights. I really have every intention of cooking when I come home from work. I just never manage to actually defrost anything and/or actually walk into the kitchen in... Read more →

It probably doesn't make a lot of sense to someone painting the bedrooms in the house we may not be owning much longer. But finding a reliable person to paint who gives reasonable estimates and then shows up and paints is not unlike winning the lottery. I contracted with the guy before my husband had entered stage two of the back, i.e. omigod-its-never-going-away-you'll-be-fired-life-is-over. In our youthful, physically capable days, my husband and I painted, paper, sanded, tore down ceilings, put up paneling, painted paneling, stripped archeological layers of wallpaper and wielded a spackle knife with the best of them. Now... Read more →

Reading saved my life. Probably in a thousand ways. Some the usual, like looking up what I needed to know to pass a course, to the unusual, like providing me with a past time to keep my from really screwing up in high school when I decided to cut a semester's worth of classes because I was so depressed. I cut my teeth on books. They were my first friends. We didn't have a lot of them around the house. There was a shelf of Nancy Drew, a shelf of Bobbsey Twins (whom I hated and despised because the writing... Read more →

I decided to pull the last two posts. Writing about the continuing crisis in my family is extremely valuable for me. It clarifies the issues in my mind, makes me confront my emotions, and examine my relationship with my family and with God. I'm not alone in this situation, however, and I feel that I'm treading too close to my family's privacy to feel comfortable about leaving the posts up. Authentic writing is my goal for this blog. I think I have done so 99% of the time. This time something is nagging in the back of my mind and... Read more →

We are finally getting around to having some rooms painted that have been in dire need of decoration since we moved in four years ago. Our kitchen would be best served by throwing a bomb into it and starting from scratch. Barring a winning lottery ticket, that's not happening so we are painting it a pretty apple green, with a soft yellow ceiling and white trim. I picked the paint color for our bedroom long distance from Memphis, and never liked it from the day I saw it. Last year, I fell in love with the blue bedroom we had... Read more →

It was an easy work week. The court calendars were light due to the Jewish holidays and although a lot of my colleagues were off, I managed to cover my parts and get back to the office before 11:30. The DH is home with various health issues this week, The Princess had the end of the week off, as did the Little One. Only Mystery Man remained at school, as busy and hard to get in touch with as ever. We are celebrating The Princess's 20th birthday this weekend instead of next since she is home. For her birthday, she... Read more →

I went out to dinner last night with two of my oldest friends. We ate at the restaurant on the Hudson that inspired the sketch I did in my journal when I went there for lunch a few weeks ago.I got there before everyone else, and sat in the garden sketching a pergola covered with vines and tiny white lights. The end of the season hit home when I walked through the gardens that had been filled with cheery sunflowers and vibrant fruits and vegetables last time I was there. Last night, the sunflowers were pretty much spent, the purple... Read more →

It was one of the few airy, fresh days of this summer. We were due at my sister's for a family party, but I was anxious to get out and spend some time near the water and make some art. I drove over to the next town, a small suburban village with a median income of oh, say, a zillion dollars, and took a ride through "The Manor", an enclave of broad streets flanked by large, Victorian homes on generous plots trimmed with perennials and bright groupings of cheery impatiens and spanking white fences. The house are not mansion, but... Read more →

Still Tweaking

I thought it was time for a change here, what with the fresh breezes of autumn clearing out the squirrelly parts of my mind. Time for a new phase of the blog, one marked by some cleaner design with more emphasis on the artwork, and a clean up of some clutter that I thought were necessary when I first started blogging nearly a year ago. The redesign isn't done and I have to admit I'm very frustrated by my inability to go the distance and use MoveableType, which is would give me the look I really want. I'm a total... Read more →