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This painting is another in the series of Kitchen Art, or I'm Too Busy to Go Anywhere & Paint series. It's fun to go into the kitchen and drag out some interesting packages. It really gives you an appreciation for graphic design. I just watched Alton Brown on The Food Channel do a whole show in chocolate ganache. I know I'll be making something chocolate before this day ends. I'm thinking about trying to make my Aunt Anita's black and white angel food cake, which she iced with buttercream milk chocolate and walnuts. I could easily have eaten the whole... Read more →

Ah, Thursday night, a night almost as special as Friday night, my favorite night of the week. Thursday night is the eve of the last day of work. Nothing too, too horrible can happen on Friday. Unless of course you have to work the weekend. Last night I was browsing through my saved documents on the laptop, trying to find something that could be on one of two computers. I didn't find it, but in browsing through my docs, I read a few pieces I'd done and never developed. I had forgotten about this piece I'd written for an essay... Read more →

I am working, working, working, or so it seems. It's that point in the year when litigation heats up and work becomes an all-consuming furnace. We are stretched so thin at our office that every day is a full court calendar that gets me back to the office in mid afternoon and leaves me with just enough time to get ready for the next day. In the meanwhile, there are reports and mail piling up and no time to get to them. I'm familiar with this drill: long hours at work, flopping into bed when I get home, too much... Read more →

I spent 30 minutes this morning before work scanning in a whole file of drawings from the lat month. I was almost done when my scanner "burped" and I lost it all. I didn't have time to rescan them all, so my shoes survived and here they are. One of these days I will follow up on my idea to draw all my shoes and bags~just for fun, no other reason needed. It's hard getting up this week. It's almost dark when the alarm goes off. Next week is daylight savings time and although the days will be shorter, the... Read more →

A quiet Sunday morning. I've read the newspapers and watched Sunday Morning when I surf the internet. It's is grey today but through my window I can see a faux sun streaming through the trees in the form of yellowing leaves. We are having a respite from The Beast, the pain that threatens to engulf my husband's life and ours. I've learned not to question while the relief is here, but to just accept it as relief and not look beyond the day to wonder whether The Beast has been vanquished or is just taking a nap. The Princess came... Read more →

A free weekend looms in front of me~I'm almost scared to face it because it's been so long since I've had two days free that I'm afraid I'll waste it. That must be a peculiarly American mindset, the idea of "wasting" free time. I think other cultures understand the need to lay fallow, to putter around the house, and to do nothing more than eat and read. The weather is nicely chilly and gloomy enough to make me drop my American work ethic and just light the fire and candles and finally make a dent in Jonathan Strange and Mr.... Read more →

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I am topsy turvy from days away and lonely for family and tired of black as white and white as black. In other words, enough with this bonding with coworkers, I wanna go home. Really, Dilbert couldn't write a better cartoon than the antics of my office workers while we all participate in a metaphorical "group hug" for 3 days. I'm exhausted from staying up too late and admit to more than a passing familiarity with some shot glasses of tequila. I'm back home, watching the opening of West Wing. I will recoup and... Read more →

I'm relaxing in my room waiting for room service to bring my breakfast. I decided to treat myself to breakfast in bed because this is the only morning I don't have to be up for breakfast meetings. I'm pretty tired from running around all weekend, but the sun is shining and, from my window, I can see lovely, old brick buildings surrounded by trees blazing scarlet and yellow. I plan to eat, shower, and go for a long walk along Broadway and window shop. I need to window shop only because yesterday my cousin took me to Saratoga Needle Arts... Read more →

Live from Autumn in New York

I am away from my scanner and unable to upload the glorious foliage of upstate New York in Autumn. I thought my artist book inspired by Mexican folk art captured the same colors, textures, and feelings of wonder that I am experiencing on my weekend away. Stan's back is too screwed up to come to Parents Weekend, so am soloing here with Mystery Man, enjoying his company, visiting with the cousins that we vacationed with in Cape Cod. Their children are just adorable, funny little creatures who spend the entire evening climbing, tickling, punching, and generally treating Mystery Man like... Read more →

This is a collage I made for Somerset Studio a few years ago. I made it represent the phases of womanhood: toddler, child, maiden, bride, mother, crone. The photos are of my family in the following order: my mother and her sister, Anita; my grandfather's sister, Frances; my mother in high school;a distant relative (can't remember her name!); my grandmother in the 1920's; and my maternal great-grandmother. I'm thinking about muses lately as I grapple with nailing down two seconds to do anything besides work and family caretaking. I have this collage hanging prominently in my house to remind me... Read more →