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Advent I - Emptying Out

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent, the four week season before Christmas that Christians observe. Advent traces back to ancient times, and was marked by approach of darkening skies and disappearing lights before the Winter Solstice. Fran writes eloquently of the history of Advent on Sacred Ordinary. Liturgically, Advent is a season in its own right, and not dependent on Christmas for its spiritual or ritualistic significance. The Church readings for Advent are not anything that one would expect to read in this pre-Christmas American season of gift buying and overspending. The liturgical readings for Advent are suffused with... Read more →

It's been great to be off work for four days. After I recuperated from the cook and serve marathon, I spent Friday at Maria's where we had art therapy, consisting of playing with all the paper we buy, our stamps, and our newest purchase, glass glitter. I made some funky little crowns and Maria made paper cones to fill with candy, both out of a stack of vintage sheet music she bought at a garage sale. The colors are yummy, 1950 shades like bubble gum pink, spearmint green, peach, etc. If I can get Mystery Man's attention, I'll get him... Read more →

The Morning After

I am very busy this morning calculating how many more slices I can get out of the remaining pies from last night. One can never have too much pie. These are the pies that graced our table: apple, home made by moi pecan, homemade by Alicia coconut custard, brought by Mar pumpkin, brought by Granny lemon meringue, brought by Maria chocolate pudding, brought by Alicia Also: pumpkin trifle a la Paula Deen ( I forgot to crumble the gingersnaps on top!!!) cupcakes for the kids turkey cookies brought by Alicia I am focusing on the desserts because my turkey was... Read more →

A Kinder, Gentler Artjournaler

It's after 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday night and I am done with the prep cooking. I've made the cranberry sauce, gingerbread and vanilla pudding for the pumpkin trifle, cupcakes, and two apple pies. I was ably assisted by The Princess, The Little One, and my niece, Laura. We were all having fun, taking turns at the cutting board, helping to clean up, and generally getting the jobs done. Now this is how I remember Thanksgiving when I was a teen ager at home, with all 4 of us girls in the kitchen, helping my Mom, setting the table, polishing the... Read more →

Today is our wedding anniversary and after a nice dinner and evening, my husband isn't talking to me because I lost my temper. I shouldn't have lost it, but I was putting away a ton of groceries for Thanksgiving and stressing out over whether the damn turkey is big enough. He chose that moment to line up the one, two, three cans of oven cleaner I had bought three times, forgetting that I had already bought it, twice over. So I snapped and now he's downstairs and I'm upstairs. Is it possible to not be blacklisted on the Americana ride... Read more →

Sketchcrawl Day

Today was National Sketchcrawl Day. The idea is to go out and sketch, all day, everywhere. I admit I am a weenie and it was cold and rainy and I did not want to be outside freezing and wet. With some prodding from The Little One, we decided to go Christmas shopping and took my Mom along. We went right from church to Bloomingdale's. What a segue that is! I haven't been inside a Bloomie's since last Christmas and what a culture shock it is. No matter when I go to Bloomie's, I am always surprised by the enormous marketing... Read more →

Oooh- it's Friday night and I am up late - all of 12:30 a.m., a time I haven't seen since summer vacation except for those nights when I get up to pee. The reason may have something to do with the two lattes I had this evening and the fact that The Wounded is sleeping in the other room because he is, well, still wounded. I spent the evening chauffeuring The Little One to a CCD event. Since I didn't want to go across town twice, I hung out a Starbucks for the two hours. I could have gone shopping... Read more →

Mid Week

I am in the midst of another very busy work week and I don't have much to report. Yesterday I had a deposition that required an interpreter but my office didn't arrange it and I had to cool my jets at the court reporter's for some time while we hunted one up. It was late by the time I was done and my boss told me I didn't have to come back to the office. Since I was already on the right parkway, I headed up to a yarn store that I've only been to once before. The store is... Read more →

Sustainable Creativity

Michael Nobbs over at his blog about drawing and living with a serious illness, has coined a wonderful phrase: "sustainable creativity". Michael writes that he used to paint very large paintings, and since his life has changed dramatically because of his illness, he now works on small drawings that allow him to sustain his creativity. Michael talks about how the act of drawing brings him into the moment, and he finds it relaxing and meditative. I think the concept of sustainable creativity is something we should all adopt. I see my own creativity ebb and flow with the circumstances in... Read more →

So yesterday I was stuck on the sofa, knitting and surfing on the laptop. Then my cousin came with Mystery Man. This is the cousin who brought me to the incredible Saratoga Needle Arts. She grew up in my town and I was anxious to take her to the little yarn store that opened near me. So I decided I could walk, yes, yes, I could! I got up, I threw the cane on the stairs (no way I'm leaving home with that thing) and hobbled out to the car. I was cool until we reached the end of the... Read more →