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Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blogging friends. With the unprecedented suffering that we are bearing witness to this week, please remember that the human spirit is strong and resilient and is buoyed by the outpouring of love and support that the world is giving to our suffering neighbors. Even Bush finally got off the stick! I hope that you have had a chance to donate to some care providers and a moment to pray for all that lost their lives and those that lost their loved ones, their homes, businesses, and belongings. Imagine beginning a new year bereft of... Read more →

I'm still loafing around and have little energy to do more than eat chocolate and surf the net. That's what vacations are for, I finally figured out last night when I was overcome with guilt that I wasn't: writing making art going to the city making dinners for the college kids (yeah, they look like they're starving) freshening up the blog, especially the three months old books link etcetera -throw in any guilt connected with Being A Good Wife (hah!) But tonight we're going to see The Life Aquatic because we'll see anything with Bill Murray in it. In the... Read more →

I'm relaxing around the house and doing lots of chores, like the mountain of laundry that built up while the dryer was broken - the Princess wants me to tell you that she did half the chores including most of the laundry. Mystery Man slept until 3:00 and managed to take the garbage out when I stood next to it and called for him for about five minutes. Other than that, it's freezing here and I just can't get motivated to do much. I should go into the city, or take a drive, but it's cold and gloomy. But I... Read more →

On the Second Day of Christmas...

I am bored. You have permission to smack me upside the head for this remark. Yes, I am the same person who has been crying and weeping over never having anytime to do anything but work and run around and buy gifts and take care of her husband and buy groceries, blah, blah, blah. And now I am bored. We've cleaned up the wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, cellophane, Styrofoam, paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, and foil from chocolates that littered the living room and trailed into the kitchen like Hansel and Gretel on steroids. We've crushed all the boxes and... Read more →

This is a photo of the tree at my grandmother's house, probably 40 years ago. I know it was a very long time ago, because this is a real tree, and for most of my life, I remember them having a very Charlie Brown fake tree that they put away in the attic, decorations and all, under a plastic bag each year. People get in trouble with depression on Christmas because they think back to their early childhood years with nostalgia and long for the simple joys of being a kid going to Grandma's house on Christmas Day. Who wouldn't... Read more →

Advent IV - The Light Returns

Yes, I am here, slowly surfacing after gruelish work weeks and very busy weekends filled with family celebrations. We had a lovely party for The Little One's 13th birthday, and we ate our fill of the cupcakes and all sang Christmas songs while we decorated the gingerbread cookies. At work today, we met with our new boss, and learned of more and more changes in the company, most of them portents for more work, more hours, same pay. Enough said in that regard! Now I am home until New Year's Eve. Tonight I finally had time to open all the... Read more →

Maybe the worst week of my working life is over. I can't even go into all the crap that is going on in my office except to say that a large number of attorneys decided to take an early retirement buy out, we are being reorganized, I am losing my boss of 2 1/2 year and getting an off-site boss, and the work load is about to double as they are not replacing the people who left (who were all our most experienced trial attorneys.) But it's Saturday, and the last weekend before Christmas, and I have calmed down enough... Read more →

And You Thought It Was All Knitting and Journaling

Thanks for all the suggestions for getting the cat to the vet. I especially like Karen's suggestion about putting his pillow in the bottom of the basket and gently lowering him into it before he pops his head up.... I gently remind readers that this is the cat that took down Thumper The Baby Rabbit under my dining room table. The cat who will snuggle in your lap for ten minutes as you gently stroke his head, then turn and take a quick bite out of you hand before stalking off. Picture the Tasmanian devil. We have searched the linen... Read more →