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I received a box in the mail today that was artwork that I submitted to a magazine at least two years ago. It was never accepted for publication and I've spent about 18 months trying to get it returned. About nine months ago, I heard from a new editor who said they did have a record of it being logged in and she assured me they would mail it back. Well lo and behold, here it is nine months later - guess they had some gestational issues. It's weird to get back a piece of artwork that you haven't seen... Read more →

Feedback requested

I've been considering doing a subscription notification list for pomegranatesandpaper, and I wanted feedback from readers who subscribe to other blogs. I don't subscribe to any, so I'm not certain how useful this utility is. Would you be interested in seeing a subscribe feature on this blog? Do you subscribe to other blogs? Do you tend to read certain blogs everyday and would you read this blog with more frequency if a subscribe feature was offered? For those of you that have blogs and use a notification subscription feature, how complicated is it to download and maintain? Was it worth... Read more →

50 is shifty

My mother and her sister would often square off with one another on such weighty issues as the color of my grandfather's eyes. Mom would insist they had been green, and my aunt would insist they were blue and she should know since she lived with him her entire life, while my mother had the nerve to get married, move out, and have five girls. We'll never have a definitive answer as to the color of Grandpa's eyes, but since my mother outlived her sister, she won the heavyweight belt for keeper of the family history and lore, a title... Read more →

Not much time to write. Have to be at work extra early. We cleaned up from the snow and are hunkering down for single digit and below zero temperatures, plus more snow tomorrow night. On the plus side, we are almost finished with January, which is turning out to be my least-liked month. Thisis a sketch down with watercolor pencils. It's my sister, Maria's, big antique silver serving tray arranged for Christmas with candy canes and Clementines. Hmm, candycanesandclementines....could be a good name for a blog..... Check back later for some better writing! Read more →

I'm watching morning television and a tribute to Johnny Carson, who died over the weekend. Johnny Carson was a big television fixture in my childhood. I remember being woken up many nights by the sound of my father's laughter booming up the stairs while he was watching the Carson show. By the time I was old enough to stay up that late, Carson had worked out a gig where he only appeared three nights a week. (I'm trying to work on that gig myself, but somehow I haven't gained the clout of a superstar). One of my sisters was a... Read more →

I forgot to mention, that those of you who wrote to me to say that they could not reach ClothPaperScissor at the email address listed on their site, I passed it onto the editor, and she asked me to see if any of you still have the error message that you received. If you do, please forward it to me off blog. Thanks! Read more →

The blizzard is over, and while we've had storms with far more accumulation, I'm glad I didn't have to be out in this. Our investment in an expensive snow blower since Mystery Man is at college has turned out to be a wise decision, and after we spent a half hour unwinding the electrical cord that Mystery Man ran over last time he used it, we were able to use it, too. My, my husband was so inventive with his swear words when he was using the wire cutters to cut off little pieces of the electrical cord so we... Read more →

Mea Culpa

It is blizzarding here. Yes, I have coined a new word, not unlike "gifting" which I hate. Why can't people just say I was "given" it, or I am "giving" that, instead of I am being "gifted" with, or so and so is "gifting" me with.... Anyway, it's snowing like there's no tomorrow and all the news channels are screaming "Blizzard!" "Don't go out!" "It's the end of the world!" "Keep warm!" Thank you, newscasters, for stating the obvious. And as for stating other things, The Princess has requested that I not write about her anymore because she was offended... Read more →

Judging by the comments sections, more than a few of us are suffering with mid-winter blues, so I'm reposting a photo I took of an art gallery in Wellfleet, MA, last summer. The day was very hot and dry and the smell of the lavender was heady. I had planned on a long post tomorrow, but Typepad is fiddling behind the scenes and may be unavailable tomorrow. So instead I'll spend it scanning in a bunch of sketches and stuff that I've been doing over the past few weeks. I've always wanted to be a painter but I've never put... Read more →

Beware: I am a very grumpy person these days. To probe that I am not always a grumpy person, here is a photo of me, Stan, and The Princess in Little Italy, having a happy, non-grumpy time. I blurred out The Princess's face since she is not here to give me permission to use it and, frankly, with the world being how it is these days, who needs your kid's face plastered all over the Internet. Whatever is having its way with me, is not letting up. That's how I know that real change is afoot because if this was... Read more →