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To Uncle Eddie

My 88 year old Uncle Eddie died on Friday after a long illness. Uncle Eddie was married to my father's sister, Grace. He was the quintessential favorite uncle who found kids entertaining and vice versa. His favorite gimmick was to call you by the wrong name all day, something silly like Michelina or Sally Sue, and you'd spend the whole day being exasperated and telling him he'd have the wrong name and he'd say sorry and then he'd do it all over again. When you were five, this was high comedy. Eddie was the only man in a houseful of... Read more →

Mug Challenge

The Everyday Matters challenge this week is to draw your favorite cofee/tea cup. This is a journal page I did a few weeks ago at our local diner. I had had a cappuccino in a tall glass mug and it was the perfect thing to accompany a very tall, jiggly piece of lemon meringue pie. (It was cold and snowing - I need edible sunshine). This is a favorite little mug from the same diner. I've posted it here before. I played around with it in in photoshop. I'll be hauling out some of my favorite mugs from my cupboard... Read more →

NOTE TO SELF: When you are finished with a post and want to check out a site to hyperlink, OPEN A NEW WINDOW or your post diappears! Ahem. Hello y'all, I've been not a good blogger this week what with the traveling and work and all. So I'm getting back on track now and promise almost daily postings. The picture is a little painting I did at my aunt and uncle's. I like the way teapot came out (it's actually a candle), but I don't lie the candlesticks because I tried to use a little white for highlights and instead... Read more →


The Everyday Matters email group has been sponsoring weekly drawing challenges. This week's was to draw your bag and its contents. I didn't have time to do a new drawing of my bag, so I'm republishing one I did last year. I did however, manage to draw some of the contents of my purse. I concentrated on the fun parts, which are the art supplies that I carry around. And if anyone should know where you can get the Caran D'Ache gouache set in the New York area, please drop me a line and let me know because I can't... Read more →

I'll Be Wearing Green Under My Surgical Gown

I wanna ride a bike again. Right now the right knee is sort of fused into one position and will not entertain the notion of pushing a pedal. Oh, it's okay on the downside, but it's that top peak of pedal pushing that challenges my frozen joint to bend and my voice to rise in the excruciating pain that is my knee. So today I took a day off and dragged my sorry ass to an orthopedist. Now, I did go to an ortho 4 years ago after we moved here and I was walking around with a cane and... Read more →

I'm All Mixed Up

Life is not a bowl of cherries; life is a a mix-master. You are the bowl. All your experiences gets dumped in. Life is the spinning hook that mixes it all up. What comes out is often better than the sum of the parts. And sometimes not. That's the best I can do this morning. While I was away for a few days, I had the chance to do a lot of painting in my journal. My aunt and uncle have some wonderful things, many of them handed down from my grandparents. It was lovely to have a whole day... Read more →

Total Rant #28465

This is a photo of my cousin's little boy, who besides being adorable, is a three-year old who can snowboard and is definitely his own person. I'm having trouble in that department. I'm in one of those bad patches where I am being assailed by people who believe that I am not living up to their standards, or not meeting their needs. In the space of one hour, one of my children told me that they don't know why they bother to speak at all, since I never listen to them, and another basically hung up on me because I... Read more →

The Gates

It was 25 degrees and sunny in New York today and we thought it was the perfect afternoon to see The Gates. We decided to bypass the crowds along Museum Mile and enter the park from its northernmost point, The Harlem Meer. It was a perfect location on this beautiful afternoon. The wind blew off the lake and the orange fabric fluttered and flew like butterflies lost in migration. Make no doubt about it, these gates are orange. I've heard them called saffron, but plain and simple, they are construction cone orange, which I though was very cool as it... Read more →