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I've been neglecting this blog lately. So much going on at home, mainly my own health issues. I never intended for my blog to be filled with posts regarding my personal health problems, or to be discussing my husband's chronic pain, or really to be as personally revealing as it has become. My intent when I started the blog was to have a place to publish my ideas about creativity and to write about the ways in which life and creativity mesh and how an artist can mine their life stories for creative expression. I thought the blog would be... Read more →

Finally, here is my Ralph Lauren-TJ Maxx everyday bag. I could not fit all of its contents onto the page, so absent are the more mundane items, like car keys, Immodium, pens, and about 1000 receipts from the garage by the courthouse where I park everyday Notice the new doublefold wallet. It's a pretty pink and looked quite big when I bought it. However, once I jam in all the ID and credit cards, money, passes, receipts, etc., I have a hard time snapping it shut. The oval bag in the corner is a little freebie cosmetic bag that I... Read more →

I intended to post today something meaningful about it being Good Friday and the Terry Schiavo case, but frankly, my brain is stuffed with cotton and I got nothing. After my glee on Monday at being home and not feeling too badly, the week quickly went downhill from there and my energy level is low. The @#$%# knee feels pretty much like it did pre-surgery and it is sapping my energy. But I did get to my dental appointment. Now all that is left is to schedule the mammo ( and then instead of going to Rome, I'm going to... Read more →

Postscript on Scopes and Probes

Getting the right doctor makes all the difference toward your peace of mind. He wasn't as impressed with the level of anemia as my internist was. And I'm beginning to expect that the internist exaggerated his concern a little to get me to make an appointment asap. Bottom line is that there are no ways around it but to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy to figure it out. So consider this my public service announcement - if you are nearing 50, or earlier if you have a family history of polyps or colorectal disease, you should have a colonoscopy. And... Read more →

Today is doctor day and I have one appointment down and one to go. The knee doctor showed me photos of the scar tissue and arthritis in my knee - a great big yuck there. I have to start physical therapy and try to gain as much strength in my leg muscles as possible to ward off knee replacement surgery for as long as possible. Later on I go to the gastrointestinal doctor. When we did my pre-op, they discovered I'm anemic, and what with my history of gut problems, the internist sent me off tout suite for a consultation.... Read more →

Time on My Hands

This is my first day home by myself. My husband is afraid, very afraid. I am home for the next two weeks. Alone. Bored. Not feeling too poorly (thank you, drugs). Time on my hands. Time to kill..... 8:00 a.m.:"Honey", I call him as soon as I know he's in the office. "Where's the drill?" Oh, right, in the basement. No, I'm not going into the basement, I've barely made it onto the first floor, but Mystery Man is home and I want to hang some stuff..." 10:00 a.m. Call to hubby: "Do we have any of that yellow paint... Read more →

Today was milder than previous weekends and Stan was ready to barbecue. He defrosted 4 Cornish game hens that I'd bought on sale and fired up the grill. He called it a first day of spring sampler warm-up grill fest, or something like that. He seasoned the game hens with salt and pepper and garlic and stuffed them with cornbread. He brought them to the table all one platter, four crispy, golden brown small hens nestled together on a large, white platter, a beautiful thing. I ate a sliver of chicken and a few morsels of rice and then went... Read more →

A Little Bruised, a Little Weary

I'm here, writing to you from the comfort of my bed, lap top atop lap, breakfast tray next to me, and night table littered with pill bottles, tissues, glasses of water and cups of tea. The surgery went okay, and I'm in tolerable pain that really isn't too bad as long as I stay still. Getting up to use the bathroom is interesting - I look like I'm about 100 years old as I halt and fumble with my cane. It was worth the trip to the hospital just to find out that the cane I bought four years ago... Read more →

Field Trips

I apologize for scarce posts these days. I am scrambling to get works and certain things done before the surgery. So today, I am sending you on a field trip. The first trip is to visit an artist I met up in Buffalo. Her name is Dorothy Fitzgerald Alessi and she does enormous mixed media pieces that are the most luscious and provocative "feminine feminist" works. Dotty has been a high school art teacher for over 20 years and is just now getting the attention she deserves for her own artwork. And I'm hoping she is going to put some... Read more →