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I don't usually report on news stories, but this one leaves me flummoxed by the sheer stupidity of the participants. Yesterday on The Today Show, three young men appeared with a table full of old currency that they found when digging up a backyard for construction. An appraiser was with them and showed examples of the bills, some of which were over a hundred years old, and gave examples of what they would get at auction. The accumulated value was somewhere close to one million dollars. These thirty-something construction workers were very funny and overwhelmed at their find. It was... Read more →

My sister and Mom are in Cape Cod. They called to tell me that they are at the beach (in their car) eating lobster rolls. Then I call them the next day and get my sister in the bathroom of a restaurant, where they are eating lobster rolls. In the restaurant, not the bathroom. Damn those partiples! (Remember, it's all about the food in this family.) I'm thinking I need to hit the fish store and buy me some lobsters for dinner. But I won't, because I'll get those lobsters that swim around in the fresh water tanks and they... Read more →

I'll See Your New Carpet and Raise You a New Loft Bed

I made it four days on my no buying books pledge. Thing is, I saw that Laurie Notaro has a new book in paperback and well, she makes me bust out laughing and she's Italian, so I don't think it counts. It's more like I contributed to the fund for Italian American humorists and y'all know there aren't a lot of those and we do need encouragement. Besides, I bought a hardcover book for Stan and mine was only paperback, so I actually was very virtuous. And then, having broken the silence, I bought three books on Amazon but two... Read more →

Not Quite...Anyone But Me

I think I will be home for another ten days. The return to work is inevitable but I would feel better about it had my knee actually been helped by the surgery. Doctor says it is too soon to tell, that it could just come around in another month or two. Then he caveats with "based upon what your knee looked like in the arthroscopy, I'm not surprised you are in such pain". So I will go back pretty much as I left. I was having a lot of anxiety about this but then I realized that's why God made... Read more →

On days like this I wonder why I keep a blog. I have nothing to say of any great import. Yet, I miss hearing from everyone. Every few months there's a flurry of blogs doing an "examen", that almost religious examination of conscience, or should I say blogscience, wherein the blogger wonders the purpose of posting and the relationship of blogging to the world in general, ending with the philosophical conundrum of if a blog is not read does it exist, and usually concluding by the blogger, I blog therefore I am. The question is whether blogs will evolve to... Read more →

Life Between the Lines

I'm still home on disability, doing stuff like knowing way too much about the contestants on The Apprentice. The goofy prosecutor from TN with his Tom Wolfe bowties got voted off last night for the dumb kiddie desk that they built as an office organizer for a Staples contest. What is with certain men who think it distinguishes them to wear big, goofy bowties? And his jackets are way too long since it appears he is a rather short, portly guy. And cut your hair! See what happens when you are home too many weeks? You start talking to the... Read more →

Ms. Faith of Brooklyn formerly of North (or is it South?) Carolina, an esteemed editor of a medical journal, has raised her hand to facilitate the first ever Book Buyers Anonymous meeting on pomegranatesandpaper. Faith has the following questions to ask the membership: Here are some things I'd like to know from the commenting group: do you read for escape? To learn something (i.e., do you read in a particular subject area for a while? If so, what areas?) Do you collect books by or about specific people? Are there books you've read over and over? Yummmmmm. There's nothing like... Read more →

Bang! Bang! (Knocking my gavel on the bench) Come to order! This is the first meeting of the Bookaholics Club. Please check your hardcovers and paperbacks at the door. Only library books are acceptable, and only if you don't have more fines than money on the tab at the library. Remember, 7 day books, mean read it in 7 days, not read 7 books a day. For God's sake people, get a life instead of reading about one! Just to prove the depths of my disease, guess what my latest book purchase is about: working in a bookstore. Yes, someone... Read more →

More on Books or Reading Saved My Life, Part II

I'm on a roll this week about books and reading. For awhile after I started my blog and became enamored of many other blogs, I found that my attention span for real reading was diminishing. I couldn't concentrate on a book because I always had on my mind to check my email, or what I was reading would bring to mind a topic for the blog. I would have to read my entire blogroll each night and then be too tired for more than some silly sitcoms and bed. My sudden inability to concentrate on anything longer than a blog... Read more →

Remember the public library? I seem to have forgotten it. It was brought to my attention by a certain member of the family that we are drowning in books. Now, I don't think that drowning in books is such a bad way to go, but others differ. Those would be the others who would like to be able to open the linen closet in the little alcove off the stairs without triggering a landslide of 50 books off the top of the two-stack bookcase that shares space with the linen closet. We are not short of bookcases; that is not... Read more →