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What an awesome day! We were graced with blue skies, puffy clouds, and a breeze that swept away the humidity and gloom that's hovered over the region for all of May. I'm still under the weather but Stan got me up and moving and we went to the nursery and bought a huge planter filled with cascading magenta petunias. I put it on my birdbath, the one with the big crack that won't hold water anymore. It was a gift from the garden club in Memphis and I'd never part with it - even if it is almost in two.... Read more →

Sense of Place

I got up today and was bewildered by the weird state of my bedroom. What was that strange light? The sun! After probably 10 days of cold rain, the sun is out. It's breezy and cool and showers expected later today but right now The Sun Is Out! We've had more rain in May than any that April showers brought. It's pretty typical northeast weather. I can recall many Memorial Days spent with the heat on and rainslickers to run outside. This is a photo of a waterfall a block from our church. One of the wonders of living back... Read more →

It's dark enough this morning that I have to turn on the lights in order to read. The Little One got up and ran around lowering all the windows because as she says, "It's free-jeezing in here!" This Spring is evolving very much into a reprise of last year: cold, rainy, dark. I think the weather was warmer in mid-April when I was home on leave. I go back to work today. When I left on Thursday in the middle of the day with a stomach ache, I never thought it would be Tuesday before I went back! I seem... Read more →

Some Tips On Drawing - revised with clearer "tips"

I was feeling better each day and yesterday my appetite came back and I didn't have to take a nap. This morning I got up and even went out to breakfast with my husband, even if it only consisted of eating a few mouthfuls of food. But around noontime, I got a pain in my stomach and my back began to hurt and the day has gone downhill from there. The doctor said I may be passing small kidney stones so tomorrow I have to go to a urologist or to the ER for a cat scan. I was so... Read more →

The Infirmary

It seems ridiculous that I was back at work for less than two weeks and had to call in sick. I'd been feeling ill all week, not sure what was going on, and left after lunch yesterday. By the time I got home, my stomach was raging and I had all sorts of weird symptoms that were getting worse. My doctor never called me back so we went to the ER at 9:00 pm and they diagnosed a kidney infection. I ended up there until 2:00 a.m., asleep on a gurney, my arm hooked up to a bag of IV... Read more →

I'm here, just getting reabsorbed into work life, which always threatens to pull me under when I return from a time away. It will take me awhile to get my balance back, to return to some art making and writing, but I'm just taking it slow and letting the natural ebb and flow on my energy works its way out. I'm still doing depositions in the office, so the wear and tear on the knee is not too bad. I've felt like an outsider, but it's not from anything overt, just subtle changes in the power structure while I was... Read more →


Yeah, I watched it but being the prissy snobby pseudo-intellectual type I am, I only watch it when Stan watches it. So we watched the end last night. Could someone tell Jeff Probst and the dude that produces all these reality shows that nothing is more excruciatingly boring and non-empathetic than watching three people hang from poles like overly large storks sitting on a nest? Reminded me of Horton the Elephant incubating the egg. I did think it was pretty unfair that the next-to-final challenge involved all sort of physical feats that firemen are trained to do: climbing, untying knots,... Read more →

They're Back

Stan and I found ourselves sitting on the porch in the middle of Saturday afternoon, alone, reading, drinking a beer. Once again, we looked at each other, feeling guilty that somehow this shouldn't be happening. Why are we alone? Why are we relaxed? Why is no one asking us to drive them, buy them, take them, help them? The children were not home. And then a chill came over us like the sun briefly going behind a cloud. I shivered and he pulled his sweatshirt hood over his head. We didn't speak. We both knew what the other was thinking.... Read more →

Is it Thursday Already??

We've weathered a hard week. My sister, Alicia, had a tragic and sudden death in her husband's family this weekend, hours after we were all together with them for a celebration of her daughter's confirmation and birthday. We are all reeling from the shock and spent Mother's Day just dumbfounded and quietly sitting with each other trying to make sense of it. If you are a praying sort, please remember Alicia's family in your prayers, especially her husband and children who were so close to their uncle. We will miss you so much, Frank, with your smile, jokes, teasings, and... Read more →

The Lusty Month of May

It's hard not to write about the weather when it is May. I'm awestruck as I drive to the bank and pass a stand of 12 foot lilacs swaying like ladies singing at church. The pink dogwoods are Oriental visions and the double blossom cherries are just purely over-the-top bursts of confetti at a sweet sixteen party. Too many metaphors? I can't help it, it's spring. There's a house in my old neighborhood that I drive by every spring. It's a low slung house, tucked behind a wide bank of azaleas that have been allowed to grow wild as the... Read more →