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War of the Worlds

Sometimes when I am at work, I feel like time has stopped around me in terms of my blog, my art, my writing. I think of it as existing in a a separate world, one that is frozen in time and suspended in silent, black space, waiting for me to get back into the correct orbit, but I have trouble firing the right rockets. Someday, I am afraid I will look back on my life and see my creativity permanently entombed in that cold dark place, and I will only exist in the world of exhaustion and fear. Stan's still... Read more →

Just poking my head up to say hello. Working behind the scenes tonight at some writing. Had a long work day that included a 90 mile round trip to an upstate county. I don't mind it - anything that is a break from going to the Bronx each day. During the ride I suddenly had an idea for a large writing project. It will be my summer focus. Everybody stay cool until I'm off on Thursday and Friday - unless the weather is as crummy as it's been and then I'll save the days. Check back later. Read more →

Church of the Gooey Death

Sunday mornin' and rain's not fallin' - hot, clear, sunny, and time to find water somewhere, anywhere, to plop in. First my job as the Motha of the House is to attempt to get everyone out of bed and go to church. Remember church? That place we went to every week from when you were old enough to stay in the pew without throwing your bottle across the aisle or cause your parents to curse like drunks under their breaths until they could gracefully cut out from the communion line? The DH won't go anymore because of his back/neck/insert your... Read more →

It's Summer; It's Sizzling: Time to Go to the Movies

Now here's something to shake your faith in my intellectual abilities: I am dying to see the Bewitched movie. Or should I say I was dying to see it and then I read the reviews and now I"ll wait for the video. I grew up with the sitcom and watched it reruns for years. I don't know why it appealed to me so except for the zany characters and the intrigue of magic. What could be more intriguing to a young teen than having the ability to change her world. What a fantasy! With a twitch of my nose I... Read more →

Here's my handwriting for Blackbird's Friday photo meme. It's a lot neater on journal pages than at work when I scrawl a jot for a signature when singing a foot deep of documents. Based upon the acerbity of the last several posts, you can figure out that's something's going on around here. I hesitate to write about it because there's been too much of health issues on this blog in the last several months. But it is like trying to write with the elephant in the room and I'm being squeezed off the page. Stan's back has been so bad... Read more →

Midweek evening slump. No food cooked in this house tonight. Leftover chicken is scarfed up and there's not enough to go around. Luckily, two kids are out tonight and there's always cereal for the mother. Except, after I bring it upstairs to eat it like a sloth on my bed (do sloths have beds?), I discover that the milk is turning sour. Of course, I only discover it about halfway through the bowl. I switched entrees to Funny Bones. It was a big game day at Yankee Stadium today. I left the court reporter's at 3:30 and walked through the... Read more →

My Night Job Is At UPS

Now, if my sisters were to read this, they would laugh, but until they get their own blogs, they are stuck with my version of reality: I hate to shop. Note: I didn't say I hate to buy things; I said I hate to shop. I hate the mall, I hate parking garages, I hate crowds, and I hate looking through crowded racks of clothing. Add to that my fear of someone watching me dress in a dressing room mirror ( I know you're on the other side), plus a bum knee, and you can pretty much guarantee that I... Read more →


Mystery Man is in the last year of teenagerhood - if that's a word. He turned 19 yesterday (yes, I was a child bride), and like most mothers, I can't believe how old he is. On the day he was born, we drove at dawn to the hospital. It was a good 40 minutes away and we had to leave early to be there on time for a scheduled C-section. As we turned off the highway to the exit, we saw an enormous deer with a full rack standing at attention at the side of the road, looking off into... Read more →

A good way to wind down after a week of work is to sit on your bed with a pile of paper, scissors, vellum, and ribbons. I can't say what I was doing because it is a secret project, but how wonderful it felt to run my sharp scissors up printed vellum, to feel the satisfying click of a hole punch and to thread wide organza pink polka dot ribbon through it all. I meant to buy a gold marker pen, but I forgot and have to make do with a Pitt Pen. The black ink scratches satisfyingly across paper... Read more →

What I Did Today

9:30 - 12:15: Sat on a bench outside the pretrial conference part while I tried to get 5 other attorneys appearing on 3 consolidated cases to all remain in one place at one time so we could put in the slip that we were ready to be conferenced. Based on how long it took, you can see how successful I was. Note to self: next time bring a bottle of water, but kudos on remembering a baggie of chocolate teddy grahams and the Rome Smiles book. 12:15 - 12:25: Have said conference with judge wherein she twisted my arm to... Read more →