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Just a quick how-de-do

What did I last, four days? No, I'm really still on hiatus, but I just finished all my art and writing projects for this month and I am so happy! I get these ideas for columns, do a few drafts, and then work on them like crazy for about 48 hours. This one took a long time to gel. They have a very short word count, need to relate to the content of the magazine, and have to be, in short, "pithy", i.e. completely different from blogging and from literary narrative work. That's why I usually can't blog and write... Read more →

Gone Fishin'

It's hot, work is miserable, home life is stressful, I can't talk about any of it, and my scanner's busted. Readership is down, comments are down, and everybody's going out of town. Pomegranatesandpaper has gone fishin'. There may be occasional posts, maybe even some artwork or reruns from the archives of favorite posts. But for the next four weeks, consider me on hiatus. Enjoy the rest of the summer and do something wonderfully childlike = catch fireflies blow soap bubbles play jacks swim underwater and time how long you can hold your breath have a cocktail at sunset on the... Read more →

The Famous Strawberry Dress Photo Shoot

Wow! Two posts in one night!! My sister, Mar, faithful blog reader, has sent me the infamous strawberry dresses on cousins photos. Now I have no choice but to embarrass them at ages 13 and 14 and publish said photo. Really, what can of mother/aunt would I be unless I did so? I promise I won't pinch their cheeks when I'm 80, though. My oldest niece, Stephanie, is the one on the left. The one about to cry in the middle is Laura, the one who just turned 13 yesterday, and the one grimacing like she's eating a sour pickle... Read more →

Fantasy Shopping Meme

102 thunderstorms coming through what else is there to do: fantasy shop on line then show us your favorite things! Here's a few of my favorite midsummer tchotchkes (excuse the spelling) brought to you by the summer sale at Anthropologie: I love these over-sized mugs. I love the glaze, which is just washed over the mugs. I love the colors, but they made you buy them in sets of four of the same. Bad marketing. I guess that's why they are on sale. Why don't they ever run these things by me?? This is my second favorite color, if I... Read more →

Mid-summer has become more stressful and pressurized than mid-December. Work is relentless. The lull of summer means fewer court appearances, but we pack in the depositions during this time, which actually results in more work for us since we have much longer reports to do for depositions than for appearances. I worked ten hours today and never came up for air except to stuff a sandwich in my mouth at my desk. I still didn't catch up with what was due today and I have so much due before the end of the month (that is, the end of the... Read more →


Monday morning and I'm moving slowly my body is holding on to the memory of the weekend each step reflects the twists and turns and hiking over hot sand my arms wake me several times this night though asleep they sing loudly of holding pens and brushes and I shake them into submission and dive back to somnolence to forget. The older I get, the less the mind remembers the more the body memorizes and the two are at odds when it's time to put feet on the floor. At the beach I watch my younger self like a porpoise... Read more →

Tap - tap - this thing on? Righty-o then. Hello and welcome to Days of Our Blogging Lives. This week's adventures brings our heroine face to face with imminent peril whilst motorcrossing followed by a hospital vigil that happily ends well as the work week fades into oblivion. Will our heroine survive another week? Of course! And she shall do it splendidly and without knocking back more than her share of ginandtonics and Hershey's nuggets with toffee and nuts. You know it's only two more weeks until I leave for vacation, so it must be time for a few... Read more →

Family is on my mind always but today with intensity I'd rather soon forgo mid-week dramas and even my car suffers from brutality so to soak myself in blue pool water on a day finally clear and crisp is a beautious gift surely there is someone who needs a middle aged poet and artist for full time work I will write you sonnets and paint your nails and create a past present and future you can inscribe in watercolors and stone Read more →

Cranky, crabby heat stroke lethargy like arms draped in wet woolens left to steam in the sun I crave ices slushies frosties smoothies cold, wet, sweet, sour work settles me with air conditioning and I unearth data almost lost the day spent entering and reporting with one last push I finish a summary and press the button to send it off at home I miss her and regret my voice rising instead of saying come home shrimp and potato salad served diner style soothe me for awhile but the ennui returns at home until I realize what is missing: a... Read more →

I dream of earthquakes great cracks opening outside my window and I try to decide what is the dearest to wrap and take a baby is thrust into my arms whose? sleep is filled with dreams of trying to get from here to there I am awake but walking under water Read more →