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My friends and I were talking online about whether we'd rather live in an area that gets blizzards or one that gets hurricanes. It's the kind of talk you can partake in when you are watching a disaster unfold on TV. The opinions were mixed: some said they'd rather have a passing hurricane because you didn't have to shovel; others said they'd never heard of many dying in a blizzard; others disagreed. We began listing the areas of the country that are prone to disasters more than others. California is home to earthquakes and wildfires. Florida and the Gulf states... Read more →

What's better than an opportunity to own a great piece of art and donate to charity? Go to A Painting a Day and bid on a gorgeous painting of a half a lemon. All proceeds will go to the Salvation Army for Katrina victims. Read more →


If anyone has any news about two bloggers, Ray Whiting , who liveds in New Orleans and was not able to evacuate because he doesn't have a car and none of the shelters would take his dog, too, and Beth, formerly of Switched at Birth, would they please share the information here? I've been worried about them all day and the situation is growing more dire in New Orleans instead of improving. Our prayers are with all those affected by this devastating hurricane. May God be with you all. Read more →


The stage was set. Preparations were underway. Sisters were chopping, dicing, and slicing. The party girl gets a corsage. Guests arrive bearing gifts. Babies are passed around to admire. Children gather to wreak havoc. Teens sit suspiciously near the beer. Niece and uncle bond. Cousins reunite. Brothers-in-law discourse. Food is served. Kids prefer chicken fingers and and pasta. Time for cake! And singing Happy Birthday. Gift Time. Chill Time. Nap Time. Happy Birthday, Mom! Read more →

A quick post to say that the party was great, fantastic, wonderful, and all the things we wished for my Mom. Right now my Photoshop crashed and I can't upload the photos. I am searching for the program disk so I can reinstall it but now I have to go to work. My thoughts and prayers are with our friends along the Gulf coast. My mind is full of those bloggers I know who have taken a year to clean up after Ivan. Godspeed to all. Read more →

Raise the flags, the day is finally here! After 3 months of planning, mom's 80th birthday bash has arrived. It's early morning and I'm not out of bed yet. My yellow notebook is full of lists and catering menus and sticky notes, but now, finally, I'm down to one list, the "c" list: cake corsage card bread (oops - how did that get in there?) It's really all come together surprisingly well. There's been very little sisterly friction, nothing to speak of (except one terse call this morning to one sister who has a headache and wasn't interested in what... Read more →

Oh My Mama

Friday is my mother's 80th birthday. This is a photo of her when she was about 5 years old and was a bridesmaid in ....someone's wedding. I can't remember the name and I'm too lazy to go find the photo and see what's written on the back, but here is the conversation I would have with my mother if I called and asked her: Me: Mom, whose wedding was it in that picture where you're 5 and a flower girl? Mom: Wedding? Flower girl? I don't know what you mean. Me: You know, the sepia photo where you're wearing about... Read more →

After the first week of vacation, my sister and her family left, so we didn't need as much room and we moved out of this house and into this less expensive and smaller house: Nah - I'm kidding ya. The first photo is of the Chatham Bars Inn, a gorgeous resort on the ocean that someday I will stay in, after I sell all the children and use the money to pay for a room for one night. The other photo is of a house on the same street facing the water. Most of these enormous houses have yards and... Read more →

I'm Too Old to be a Mommy Blogger, but You Still Have to Look at Pictures of the Kids

I cannot go to Cape Cod without kids. It's in my wiring. With only one child available due to summer jobs of the others, I would have been forlorn if my sister and my cousin hadn't been along with their's. As it was, people were sick of hearing me sigh, "This is the lake where the kids learned to swim"; "There's the bike trail where the kids used to bike"; "This is the town where Mystery Man went in his pants when we thought he was toilet trained but wasn't and we couldn't find a public bathroom or toilet paper... Read more →

Pictures of My Vacation And It's Okay if You Leave the Room While the Slideshow Is On

Two weeks of vacation is a long, long time. Not that I"m complaining! I just always forget that I need to structure the second week somehow so it doesn't feel like I am on the wagon train that leaves at 9:00 every morning for the beach/bay/lake/whale watch/shopping/take me/take me/ take me/fill in the blanks. Actually, I had a good bit of empty nest syndrome this vacation, so I'm not complaining about the amount of stuff I did with The Little One, or with The Princess, when she arrived. The vacation felt like two vacations anyway, since my sister and her... Read more →