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Mid-week cra-ash. Work. Need I say more? I could, but I can't. Trust me on this. It's not pretty But coming home to no dinner, a sink full of last night's dishes, and the onset of the little one's cold, I am brought to joy by my husband bringing me - in bed - a perfectly turned omelette du fromage with Italian bread toast and butter. A glass of tart cranberry juice, the runniness of the cheese, and the crisp crumbs I not so daintily scatter across the bedclothes. Ah bed, ah omelette, ah silly sitcom, ah, husband of many... Read more →

It was a Nesting weekend with a capital "N". I never left the house from Friday night until Monday morning. I cleaned, waxed, cooked, and baked. I organized, swept, threw out, unearthed, and moved stuff. I got projects done that have been on my To Do list for a year. I watched two movies, read my advance copy of Cloth Paper Scissors - which once again is glorious- and I went to bed early each night. Saturday night we called The Princess before she went out to dinner with her friends and waited till midnight to have her first -... Read more →

Saturday dawned a clear, crisp, first true Saturday of Autumn day. I am chilly - do you hear me? Chilly! Suddenly I am pulling out quilts and airing out throws on the back porch. I put clogs on this morning, probably the first time since May that I have not worn a pair of sandals on Saturday morning. Oh azure sky, leaves tinged with ochre and crimson, dusty grasses, impatiens gone leggy in a final growth spurt toward the sun, and biscuits for breakfast with thick, dark coffee. I am in need of teas and honeys and jams and preserves... Read more →

I took this photo in a garden of an artist on the Cape while Stan and my sister went inside the gallery. I love this arbor and I'm thinking about building one for our front walkway. It's very simple to construct; the trick is making it study enough to remain upright. I'm planning on building it in the back of the house and then somehow transporting it around the front. We have a lot of Super Lawn Mower and Blower home owners on our block, and I can't imagine being out there for hours constructing my little twig arbor without... Read more →

The house was ready The table was set The generations were gathered Even the pet The father insisted trick candles be lit And we all wondered: how did 21 years go by so quick? Happy Birthday, Principessa! We love you, our first born, our eldest, sweetest yet. Read more →

I'm home sick today. As long as I stay within 5 feet of a bathroom, I'll survive. It's been brewing since Sunday and today I couldn't drag myself to a deposition and keep running out of the room. So here I am. I figured as long as I'm home, I could upload the photos from the weekend. I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and used it the other day. When I downloaded my photos today, however, the trial version was corrupt, so I bit the bullet and bought it. It takes four hours to download, so check... Read more →


I know it's been awhile, but it ended up being a 50-hour work week with back to school night and a dinner with my friends thrown in for better exhaustion. Tonight we are celebrating The Princess's 21st birthday, tho it's actually next weekend. She decided to do the pre-birthday weekend with the parents and relatives, and save the actual partying for the weekend when she can legally get hammered. She's having a tough time of it right now with some health problems, and frankly, I hope she gets hammered on her birthday - as long as she is with her... Read more →

Altered Art

Two journal and art-related stories out of Katrina yesterday. I was listening to NPR on the way home from work when I heard an interview with the woman who is the head of the Salvation Army in Gulfport. She had been on earlier in the week and said that her husband had kept a journal everyday since he was a child. He lost everyone of them in the flood. She didn't think he was going to try to salvage them since the journals had been completely submerged in boxes in the toxic flood waters. His life's accumulations of journal writing... Read more →

Worries Part Two

The responses to the obsessing post have been very wonderful, warm, and just plain revealing to me. First off, I notice that only women replied - yes, it's true, that most of my readers are women, but I do get the occasional male comment. It leads me to wonder if men have this wake up and worry pattern. I know my husband can be freaking out, then fall right to sleep, and wake up refreshed. Me, I'm doing the worrying for him! This can get to be a real problem, not just a nuisance. It's hard to do your best... Read more →


I'm in a funk due to my job. Too much work, out of control type work, and no sign of it abating. When I get into a funk, I obsess about everything. I wake up several times during the night with snips of conversation from work streaming through my head. I actually wake up composing motions in my head. Is this normal? I think not, but no one ever said I was normal. Once I get into this state, nothing is safe from my worry. If I can turn off the live stream video from work, my attention turns to... Read more →