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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

We knew night would descend swiftly this evening, so before it did, we enjoyed the glorious sun and swirling leaves and did what we do to ward off the ghoulies that go bump in the night. We decorated (at least my sister did). We hired monsters to protect us Even a Ninja, a cat, and a mummy or two. and a mumm or two. And when all else failed, we gave them Food. Happy Halloween to all the things that go bump in the night. Regular programming shall return tomorrow (if the creeks don't rise and Typepad stays dry. Read more →

I'm thrashing around on the laptop, trying to write the next essay for the magazine. I have a nice first draft, but full of holes without a strong opening or development. I know what I want to say but I'm so tired I can't seem to reaching down inside. It's due on Tuesday. Last night we celebrated my brother's-in-law birthday and the downstairs is filled with wine glasses and bowls encrusted with cheese dip and the floor is littered with candy wrappers and crumbs. I'm grateful for the extra hour of sleep but really need an extra day of sleep.... Read more →

Big email from the Typepad CEO letting us know that all the problems this week were caused by their outgrowing their data base and servers and their not meeting their deadline to having everything transferred over by this week. Great. Wouldn't it have made better business sense and less frustrated users to have told us of this possiblity last week? Then I wouldn't have freaked out because all my posts were going into cyber space and I certainly wouldn't have tried a template redesign until next week. I really could run the world you know. I really could. Read more →

fa-la-lal-la-it's Friday

I am here, posting, when I should be at least washed, dressed, made up, and getting ready to fly down the stairs. Instead I am tinkering with the blog, regretting that I didn't wash my hair, knockingon the wall to the bathroom to tell the teen she's going to be late, and I haven't even given a thought to what I can pull out of my chaotic, jammed-in closet. But you know what, somehow it's Friday again. The weeks slip by with moans and groans and pains and restless sleep, and before I know it, the weekend routine pokes up... Read more →

Blog changes

I hope you wll will stick around while I reconfigure pomegranatesandpaper. In trying to go for a fresh new look, I managed to screw up the templates totally and now, whatever I do, I can't get back to where I was. And to make it even weirder, I can see my changes in IE, but not in Firefox. I'll attack it again this weekend and until then, I hope it is not too wonky for all to read. Read more →

Halloween Prep

Conversation with teen: What are you going to be for Halloween? I dunno. Are you going trick or treating? I guess. Are we going to decorate? I guess. What about a pumpkin, don't you want to carve a pumpkin? I guess, M-o-t-h-er. . ********* Ring! Ring! Julia - phone for you! Bedroom door slams open, footsteps heard running across hallway to get portable on my night table, bedroom door slams shut, Loud talking, squeals, laughter, drumsticks, other unidentifiable noises. Teen emerges: Mom,canAerie,AlyssaandIgotrickortreatingbyourselvesdoyouknowwherethere'sanyarmynavycauseAerieandIandAlyssaaregoingassoldiersorlikeDemiMoore inthatmovieandIneedcamouflagepantsandeyeblackandcanwegobyourselvesIdon'tknowwhichneighborhood yetbutwereallywanttoandwe'realldressingalikeandIhopeitdoesn'trainandcantheycomehomefrom schoolandeatpizzahereifwegohereorI'llgohomeonthebuswithoneofthemandthenifwegotoAerie'swecango toMar's.... Phone rings again. More squealing, shrieking, etc.behind closed doors. I guess she's going trick... Read more →

Dinner Bell

In order to make the work week less of a burden that crushes the life out of me on my love life, I'm trying to leave on time each night and walk in the door and make dinner immediately. I've discovered that if I go right into the kitchen rather than go upstairs to change or relax on the sofa for a few minutes, I will actually make dinner. If I do either of the other, I can guarantee that I will either never come back downstairs or get off the sofa except to pick up the phone to order... Read more →

You Can't Have It All

This wonderful poem written by Barbara Ras was sent to me on a writing list. I challenge you to read this poem, then write your own lists of what you can have and what you can't. Link back to me so we can all read what you come up with: You Can't Have It All But you can have the fig tree and its fat leaves like clown hands gloved with green. You can have the touch of a single eleven-year-old finger on your cheek, waking you at one a.m. to say the hamster is back. you can have the... Read more →

What the...

Wha? The weekend's over? How did that happen? Last time I looked up it was Friday evening and we were settling in with sushi and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Next thing I knew, it was Monday morning and I was up at 5:00 a.m. with my usual bolt of anxiety and panic. Where did the weekend go? In between, I made the artwork for the next issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors and that pretty much took up the whole weekend. Couldn't think of a better way to pass a cold, rainy weekend. I immersed myself in painting and grappled, it seemed at... Read more →


LK has tagged me to share 5 women artists who inspire me creatively. I've decided to stick with living artists, which makes it a whole lot easier, and visual artists, or I couldn't begin to narrow it down. These are my current favorites, since I am in a painting mode, but ask me in a month and I could have doubled or tripled the list. Dorothy Fitzgerald - I had the pleasure of meeting Dotty when I went to Buffalo last year with Faith to meet Dana, also a wonderful watercolorist. Dotty teaches art, but only began making her own... Read more →