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On Wednesday, she wore her velvet jacket, the one she only wore between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She kept it tenderly wrapped in tissue paper in a silver gift box under the bed. The box had come from an old boyfriend, but although it's silver wrap had made her shiver, the scarf inside was prosaic brown and as commonplace as she learned the boyfriend to be. The jacket was a more suitable occupant for the elegance of the box. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, she made a ritual out of pulling out the box, untying the green satin ribbon, peeling back... Read more →

This is what is waiting for me in my art room, she thought: silken ribbons swaths of velvet in the hues of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires fluttering rick rack in bold red and gossamer shreds of black and white vials of stardust, gold nuggets, and pieces of the sea Sometimes though, even the sound of a marker squeaking across a page is not enough to turn a head. She'd rather be in a smoky coffee house, listening to Ravi Shankar, and slowly dragging on a cigarette. She wondered where she left her hip huggers and the sash from Mexico, the... Read more →

The Party's Over

The Teen and I have dueling laptops going on the bed. We are looking at the humane society adoption pages, trying to decide which dog and cat to adopt (Note: I am only stringing her along for a good time. No way am I getting either, but she doesn't have to know that because she doesn't read my blog. These are the devious tortures that parent devise when they have been with all their children for four days). I have shopped with children eaten with children prepared food with children made special dishes for children laid in soy milk, cold... Read more →

Don't Let the Parade Pass You By

Our urban town has its own Thanksgiving Parade on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It used to be on Thanksgiving Eve when I was growing up, and then it sort of fell by the wayside. About ten years ago, the city brought it back and it's become a great family tradition for us.In years past, we've watched my son in the marching band, my nephew march with his Cub Scouts, and my 85 year old uncle march with the Elks Club. My sister instituted the after-parade brunch and after several hours in the cold November air, we would troop us to... Read more →

My List

Here's what I would do if I had off the next 5 weeks: Make the Thanksgiving pies from scratch Reality: ordered from Fresh Direct, except for the chocolate pudding which I will make, but use a premade pie crust Make my own Christmas cards Reality: go back to Targets and buy the ones I put back last night when I decided I would make Christmas postcards. Now that I found a good online source for felt fabric, order more and recreate the Christmas tree skirt I made years ago in Memphis, the one with all the cut-out mittens and snowmen... Read more →

Saturday Night

Out to dinner for our anniversary. A big occasion, an important date. Going out to dinner in our family is usually limited to a quick meal of sushi since the husband's capacity for prolonged sitting without back problems is extremely low. We were all atwitter that it was Saturday night and we were putting on suits and dresses instead of driving to Borders for a magazine. We'd made the plans two months ago, keeping our fingers crossed that the good spell of no back pain would hold up and we wouldn't have to cancel. We were supposed to go with... Read more →

NO Black Friday at Our House

Let me clarify one thing: I hate "holiday shopping". I hate the stores, the frantic search, the inability to decide, the debate over the price, and the guilt when the bill comes. I do, however, like buying things for people, especially people who like the same things I do. It's very easy to shop for one of my sister because we have the same tastes and interests. It's very difficult to shop for another sister because we don't share the same interests at all. However, whenever I shop and whatever I buy, it will never be done on Black Friday.... Read more →

Need I Say More?

It's Friday. I haven't written all week. You fill in the rest. Now, attention, (tapping on monitor screen with pencil), please pay attention. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, which for me, is the official start of - The Holiday Season. By that I mean that many things coincide in the next 6 weeks. Too, too many things: Shall we begin: 1. My wedding anniversary - on the 23rd. I refuse to reveal how many years. Let's just say that I remember my parents [fill in the blank] wedding anniversary and there's no f-ing way I can be married as... Read more →

What Are You Reading?

An attorney I've known for several years asked me in court what I was reading. You always read interesting books, he tells me. This of course makes me blush, and when he asks how I find the books I read, I blush some more and stammer out my answer. It is not so much the attention from this tall, good-looking lawyer, at least ten years younger than I, as it is the crack in my defensive posture. In court, I am armed with my conservative suit, my briefcase, my hose (I love that word - so 40's), and my brisk,... Read more →