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Happy New Year!

The usual conundrum of what to do for New Year's Eve was solved by my brilliant husband's suggestion that we drive to Cape Cod. I was resistant at first because of all the rain, but today the sun is out and I'm set to take a trip. Cross your fingers that the skies remain clear through Sunday. We are dragging The Teen with us, and a sister and hopefully The Princess if she can convince The Boyfriend that it's okay to be without her on New Year's Eve. We have promised fireworks in Chatham at midnight, followed by a trip... Read more →

Embracing Your Inner Sloth

(Note: the digital camera has disappeared. I'm sure it's somewhere in the house. Last time I used it was on the 19th, so it has to be around...but until it resurfaces, no photos are available. Sorry!) I am continuing with the world's most relaxing vacation. In short, I am doing nothin'. It's hard work to do nothin'. (I'll stop typing it that way now, don't worry.) Seriously, I am breathing a sigh of relief that my cousins are not coming from Albany. Don't get me wrong, I love them and asked them to come. But now that they're not -... Read more →

Midweek And I'm Not Tearing My Hair Out

Oh, wait! I'm not at work - that's why I'm not tearing my hair out. Ah, vacation. At home. With the chilluns. Really - it's been fabulous. I've reached that incredible stage when my kids are home but are not entirely dependent on me to drive them, feed them, arrange play dates, movie dates, ice rink dates, etc. They do thing On Their Own. They Get Rides. And my sisters' kids are almost at the same stage, or at least at the stage where they do not want to be bound at the hip with their cousins, and while I... Read more →

I am writing to you from my new laptop, courtesy of Santa. I got the Apple I've been lusting after for the past year and I'm very happy. I can't wait until it's fully loaded and all my files and photos transferred over. Right now the old laptop is defunct until the new AC adaptor arrives, so I can't import anything yet. I was so busy on Christmas Eve that I never had a chance to find the digital camera, either, so photos will have to wait until my sister emails me the ones she took. Christmas Eve was at... Read more →

One more quick post to say Merry Christmas to all! My AC Adaptor is officially dead and I have about five minutes of battery left! I ordered a new one but even with 1 to 2 day delivery, it won't come till after Christmas. I'll miss you all and be anxious to get back online. I will try to post form either of my kid's computers, if they are working, that is. IN the meanwhile, I'm almost done with work; I got the last of the gifts in the house; and I'm enjoying an eggnog latte. Special wishes to my... Read more →

Birthing Christmas

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm dragging here, mid-week. We are trying to birth Christmas, pushing and dragging it in through the door, not unlike our Christmas tree. I'm brewing some mystery illness, one that started with a swollen eyelid and strange fatigue. And my laptop's AC adaptor is screwed up and it's possible I won't be able to recharge it until I go buy a new one. How's that for a scary possibility, especially if it has to be ordered! Everyday is a list of chores that are wrapped around a full work day. Food,... Read more →

Happy Birthday to The Teen!

The Teen turns 14 today. I'm not sure how that happened, for last I looked, she was in 4th grade and learning to roller blade. The day before that, she was tumbling down the stairs at 5 and breaking her collarbone and wearing a sling to her first day of kindergarten, her eyes dark and serious beneath her bangs. Last week, I believe she was a mere one-year old who slept on my shoulder the entire flight from NY to San Francisco, and used to bang on the door when ever anyone took a bath, demanding that she be let... Read more →


Saturday mornings the house stirred to life early with the scramble of claws across wood floors and a bang of the screen door. Even if the dog would stay in past 7:00, she would be up and out, with her first cup of tea on the back steps, watching the sun come up over the huge sugar maple that her Dad had planted 40 years when they bought the house. The tree had grown enormously and its limbs threatened the backyard of four houses, but there had been no money for tree pruning for many years, and she held her... Read more →

Visions of Sugarplums

We received the last box of confections from Rachel, The Uber-Cookie Fairy. Sigh. How can I explain the sugar-indulged fantasty of having the postman ring my bell and hand over a large, brown cardboard box with Rachel's distinctive handwriting and address label? You do not know the wonder of dragging your sorry butt home from work on a sleeting night and walking into a cold house just as the front doorbell rings and you and your daughter fight your way through the Christmas cartons and rubble to open the door, and then you snatch it out of your daughter's hands... Read more →

The Sound of Stones Sitting

Gray, cold, and icy we already long for spring before we let the quiet of winter sink into our bones and remind us of ourselves The Angel of Annunciation has a message for us all if we listen to the sound of stones sitting and learn to just be in the place where we are We are all waiting for the light for the message of truth and hope and peace and for the simple act of learning to see outside of ourselves. The view from here is simply that. Read more →