A little breathing room mid-week and I allow myself to cook a meal of rich meat napped with tomato sauce and escarole glazed in olive oil and garlic. Somehow a Baby Watson cheesecake finds its way into my cart....and into my mouth. Best of all, a mid-winter gin and tonic, my second this week. Thanks, M. for reminding me of them.

I have so many thoughtful and wise readers who offer counsel when all I want to do is go to work and scream "I quit!" and then come home and draw all day. No chance of that anytime soon but the exchange lets me see some work matters with clarity and I addressed them with managers and some of the steam escapes from my little potboiler.

Another flurry of art-making to finish a project that should already be in the mail. This morning I'm looking at my worktable and surveying the contents like a forensic scientist. I apparently am into crafty stuff these days; more gimmicks and less pure drawing and painting:

  • clippings from a children's illustrated dictionary from the 1950's.
  • foil tape in 1/4 and 1/2 size (which I can't find to buy again)
  • little hinged frames perfect for countersinking into books
  • Diamond Glaze that dries like glass in the frames
  • the ubiquitous glue sticks
  • matte medium
  • eyelets
  • small hammer
  • twigs
  • hand-dyed silk ribbons
  • pages from a tiny, very old prayer book
  • ripped up pages of watercolor paper painted with vivid colors
  • a Starbucks cup with the remains of an eggnog latte
  • No, I won't be drinking that

I'm leaving it all there since I have another journal to work on this weekend. This one is all about birds and feathers and nests. I am one of the last people to work on it so it's hard to come up with something original that hasn't already been explored. I have an idea, though, and I think Saturday morning I'll be doing something involving tissue paper and splatters of coffee. That's all I'll say, but if you try it, use freeze-dried crystals of instant coffee. Smells yummy when done, too.