Blowin' In The Wind

There was a mighty wind blowin'
Early Wednesday mornin'
The Pomegranates were brushing their teeth
Having just woke from their sleep.

Mrs. Pom was staring in her closet
Waiting for an outfit to hop out it
When a big gust came, shook the house
The lights in turn, they went out.

Down from the third floor
Ran The Princess
When an even bigger blast
Made her decide sleep was in recess.

Mother and daughters ducked
As it seems something was out of luck - 
Windows rattled and the blinds flew
Daughters yelled: check out the view!





After that, plans for work and school
Became a game for fools
Trapped in the house by limbs and wires,
We stared at each other and looked out at the mire.

Mrs. Pom decided to
Risk life and limb
Drove over wires and risked a ticket
Because her trial the next day,
She needed  to prep it.

Cold and tired, the intrepid Pomegranates troop
Persevered - though some flew the coop.
Daughters were bundled off to sisters' beds
While Mrs. Pom followed where Mr. Pom led -

Defend the house we must!
He said and put up a fuss.
So  fires were made and blankets were laid
But once night fell
The view made Mrs. Pom yell:


There was such a mess for so many days,
even NBC News put it in play,
Coming not once, but twice, but never for me
Our house and Mr Pom was featured
For the nation to see.

But even fame has its limits
And after four days  of being a brick
It was hard to say
Of what we were  most sick.

Just when it appeared that another
Night we would have to endure
From the street came the sounds
Of trucks galore.

Men in hard hats
From Ohio to be exact
Drove across states
To deal with our fate.


Ladders were hoisted
Wires were foisted
Trunks were split,
And finally, lights were lit!


As you can see,
it's still a mess
many neighbors are still telephone-less.
We, however, have lights blazing
And hope the wind won't be a-raising.

Thanks to all who wrote in
And offered words of support
And in return,
I apologize for this poetic tort!