Blowin' In The Wind

I'm writing this quickly from our freezing home, having found a wireless connection in our neighborhood. We had a major storm here on Wednesday morning and a huge tree fell across the street, bringing all the power lines down with it. We've been without electricity or heat since then and our street's is closed due to live wires hanging everywhere. Stan and I have been sleeping here, bundled up, and the girls have been staying here and there. No sign of this getting resolved quickly since the city and Con Ed are working on the main roads first. Just from my windows, I can see our downed tree, a tree smashing 3 cars further down the street, two trees down in the little cemetery I wrote about, and the telephone pole on the corner is cracking and only staying up due to the wires it's leaning on.

I was lucky to pick up someone else's wireless this morning, but I'll be writing more from my sister's over the weekend. Gotta get up the nerve to jump out from under the covers and get dressed for work.  What fun!