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Brought To You By Nike: Just Do It, Dammit

On Sunday Morning, Jimmy Carter, 82, said that he started painting when he wrote a novel and the publisher was looking for a painting to use as the cover art. So President Carter decided to paint it himself. An artist can have two masters. Just imagine what a person could do if she just believed she could do it. You need a painting to hang over that sofa? Give me a few weeks and I'll see what I can whip up. If only it was as easy as that. Or maybe it is. Talent? Don't confuse ability with talent. Talent's... Read more →

There's a lot of noise outside- truck noises, engines roars, beeping. Finally have to stop blogging and get up and look. The city is finally cleaning up the mess outside from the storm. There's a front-loader that my friend, Teri, could drive, picking up the logs and branches and battering the giant trunk. I think the theory is that the giant fallen trunk will fall to pieces if the operator bashes into it enough. Strange. I'm just glad to see they are doing it because there was some trash talk about them not picking it up since it is not... Read more →

A little breathing room mid-week and I allow myself to cook a meal of rich meat napped with tomato sauce and escarole glazed in olive oil and garlic. Somehow a Baby Watson cheesecake finds its way into my cart....and into my mouth. Best of all, a mid-winter gin and tonic, my second this week. Thanks, M. for reminding me of them. I have so many thoughtful and wise readers who offer counsel when all I want to do is go to work and scream "I quit!" and then come home and draw all day. No chance of that anytime soon... Read more →

Lights are on, TV blaring, heat pumping - life is back to normal as far as power goes. But what about other areas where power is important? I'm talking about earning power, career power, political power. Mr. Pom and I are feeling bereft of those kinds of power. Mr. Pom and I are tired. We are whiney about being bossed around by younger people (and we don't mean our kids - at least not this time). Our jobs are long, demanding, and not very "fulfilling" at mid-life. Remember when we all thought our careers would be "fulfilling"? I can't think... Read more →

Blowin' In The Wind

There was a mighty wind blowin' Early Wednesday mornin' The Pomegranates were brushing their teeth Having just woke from their sleep. Mrs. Pom was staring in her closet Waiting for an outfit to hop out it When a big gust came, shook the house The lights in turn, they went out. Down from the third floor Ran The Princess When an even bigger blast Made her decide sleep was in recess. Mother and daughters ducked As it seems something was out of luck - Windows rattled and the blinds flew Daughters yelled: check out the view! After that, plans for... Read more →

I'm writing this quickly from our freezing home, having found a wireless connection in our neighborhood. We had a major storm here on Wednesday morning and a huge tree fell across the street, bringing all the power lines down with it. We've been without electricity or heat since then and our street's is closed due to live wires hanging everywhere. Stan and I have been sleeping here, bundled up, and the girls have been staying here and there. No sign of this getting resolved quickly since the city and Con Ed are working on the main roads first. Just from... Read more →

I am watching The Princess trying to fill out the forms for her college yearbook. We (I) threw out the original order form by mistake. We (I) had to go on line and find the customer service number and request a new one. Now it is due and I made her sit down and put it all together. She can't figure out how to do the sales tax (21 y.o. psych major and sales clerk at Banana Republic). She seals the envelope and forgets to put the check in. She takes extra envelope, then forgets to put the proofs in.... Read more →

The Surface of My Desk

is not always visible - in fact, it rarely is as my method of work is to dive into the middle of a project and let it metamorphasize into whatever it needs to be. This leads to pulling supplies off shelves and by the end of the day, I'm working on my lap and my desk has become a giant storage facility. A New Year's intention it to stop this craziness and leave the surface of my desk at least one-half empty so I when I need to work, I have a clean, uncluttered area inviting me instead of a... Read more →

Retraction Redaction Redux

Dearest Readers, please do not attribute the remarks in the prior column to this artist's significant other. I was speaking metaphorically, uh, for the most part. I wouldn't want to hurt Mr. Pomegrantes's feelings, since he is my greatest supporter and has unlimited faith in my abilities. He may not understand what I create, but he always appreciates it, even if he cannot adequately express it. Consider it a cautionary tale for those artists who find their love and support from left-brained, linear types - they balance us, provide stability, and together we create the perfect combination of yin and... Read more →

Making Art that No One Sees.

Over at Loudenmouth, the new blog by Jennifer Louden, The Comfort Queen, she's talking about her new passion of making art and the feeling that her art needs to be seen by someone. Does it make art sweeter if you have an audience? I know it does for me, I like that little extra zing that comes when someone tells me that they love what I wrote/drew/collaged, etc. Artists are generally very insecure souls. We never have enough feedback on our work - positive feedback, that is. It's like we are learning to walk again each time we make something... Read more →