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Black, grey, and Christmas tree green are the colors I see from my window. The sky is indeed like the inside of an oyster shell and I am curiously content with the monochromatic view. The excess of the holidays has almost disappeared. There are a few pockets of startling color and whimsy still enlivening the house. The mantel has not been relieved of its collection of trees and Santa Clauses and the round tilting oak table in the dining room has become the repository for crystal ornaments, straw angels, feather trees laden with tiny needlepoint pillow, and ceramic trees. I... Read more →

Nominate ME!

I've never done this before. But here goes: Nominate pomegranatesandpaper for a 2006 Bloggie either in best written blog or best-kept-secret blog. Okay? Enough said. I am the Queen of Multitasking. I did in fact get to some of the items on yesterday's to-do list. And some others - eh, tomorrow is another day. But right now I am listening to an online law course***, knitting, reading emails, and jumping up and down in between for the wash. The tree, you ask? Out The Door, courtesy of the girls, who took off the ornaments, myself the lights, help from the... Read more →

Only My Best Intentions

What I should do today: 1. Take lights off tree 2. Drag tree to the curb 3. vacuum in tree area 4. take down decorations off mantel, living room, and dining room 5. Get The Teen to take down outdoor decorations 6. go to cleaners 7. Mail back the IPOD clock/radio we gave Mar for Christmas because it doesn't work 8. buy Mar a birthday gift 9. go to Alicia's tonight for Mar's cake 10. Write one section of novel 11. Do two deposition summaries for work 12. Continue working on art for next submission to ClothPaperScissor due 2/1 13.... Read more →

Frippery Friday

I am blogging at Borders, which I think is so "in" that if I jump up too fast, I'll jostle about ten other laptoppers doing the same thing. Whenever I come here, I always hope that I'll see someone sketching so that perhaps we might strike up a conversation and then start a little cafe des artiste thing going. There was a man to my right who had a big, thick notebook, but he was writing. I hoped he was journaling and not doing chemistry notes as there are a lot of med students who hang out here. But he... Read more →

For years, I never owned a camera because my sister, Marietta, was the designated family photographer. She took wonderful photos and had taken many classes in photography and even studied in Italy. But last year for my birthday, Mar gave me a digital camera and you all have benefited from the gift by virtue of the many photos that now illustrate the blog. When we were in Cape Cod, Mar and I often did the dueling camera bit where we both were whipping around taking shots. Mine are okay, but they never compare with Mar's. She has the eye for... Read more →

In Case You Were Wondering.

(photo by M. Benedetto) For all the ....two.....of you who were concerned, I did in fact make it through my first day back. Though hampered by swollen sinuses, a roiling stomach, and desire to put my head down on the desk and pass out, I did okay. The blog will have a stripped down look for awhile whilst I figure out what to do next. I think it appropriate for the post-season. I often strip the house of doo dads when I take down the Christmas decorations. Seems a nice cure for the excess of the past six weeks. I'm... Read more →

How far am I from breaking my New Year's Resolutions on Tuesday morning, 7:00, January 3, 2006? Pretty close. Cold. Dark. Raining. Snow and sleet later this morning. Reading the scroll of school closings and wondering the hundreth time - why the hell didn't I become a teacher? Right. All those kids. The classroom. Sound of chalk squeaking on the board. And I have a sinus headache. Work awaits. 24 cases to be prepped for trial on Thursday and Friday. Must remember to print out trial calendar through April so we stop adding dates to already crowded trial days. So... Read more →

(Photo by M. Benedetto) Christmas week and vacation time as fragile as the silvered glass ornaments from my childhood home. The unexpected diversion of seeing the New Year break over the Atlantic Ocean caps a week of luxurious solitude. It almost feels like too much, this reprieve, and I worry about a surfeit of happiness as only a Sicilian can. Then the smell of summer smacks us in the face as the wind shifts off the sea and we break into a race to see who can out dance the waves. My heart expands to bursting as we hold hands... Read more →