Retraction Redaction Redux

The Surface of My Desk

is not always visible - in fact, it rarely is as my method of work is to dive into the middle of a project and let it metamorphasize into whatever it needs to be. This leads to pulling supplies off shelves and by the end of the day, I'm working on my lap and my desk has become a giant storage facility. A New Year's intention it to stop this craziness and leave the surface of my desk at least one-half empty so I when I need to work, I have a clean, uncluttered area inviting me instead of a huge mess that sends me screaming from the room.


And yes, the other half of the desk is still piled with fabric, stamps, acrylics, and other junk, but that's okay - this is the area protected by  the self-healing mat.

My artroom is small and was probably designed to be a nursery, but trust me, the  only thing being birthed in it now is creativity, and it takes a lot of creativity to fit everything I use into the space. Mixed media artists need a lot of junk, and despite my intentions to go minimalist, I don't think it will ever happen. I do  like my little window under the eaves where I watch my neighbor's cherry trees evolve through the seasons.


To my right is the closet door that I painted the first weeks we moved in. I didn't like working with a closet full of stuff next to me. I don't think it is good feng shui, but the room has a closet door, door to the hall, and door to our bedroom, plus two windows and a cut out for the chimney, so I don't have much choice. I decided the best way to deal with it was to make the door into a totem of glowing paint, sacred words, and mementoes from art retreats and gifts from fellow artists. Many layers of Lumiere paint and stamped images make it glow in the right light and it is a warm and inspirational presence that looks over my work.


I could use a studio as big as our second floor - but who couldn't? I try to dedicate certain areas to certain activities. By the window overlooking the front yard, I keep the sewing machine, beads, embellishments, and special mementoes from my grandmother and my aunt,  who was a great seamstress. The spools of thread were all hers and I used them to make a valance for the window and hung vintage optician lenses from them.


I'm not entirely done organizing. The shelves that wrap around the left of the desk need a good cleaning and organizing. Time to get rid of the wooden boxes that once held clementines and change over to clear storage boxes. But not now - our after-Christmas budget is also very minimalist.  And one last repository of hidden gems and junk is the top of the pine armoire that holds my books, magazines, and journals.


This will wait to another weekend. Today, I have more CLE tapes to listen to and this book to play with.


I wrote about this lovely book last fall but never had time to do more than look through it. Today I intend to play in it and make one of the following - or all 3 if it goes quickly.


Winter Sundays - meant for cutting out bright, fluttery scraps of fabric, listening to beads rattle in muffin tin organizers, and making small bits of things meant only to bring smiles.