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Here in Pomegranateland, we celebrated Mardi Gras, the last day to party before Lent, by doing the following: went to work for an hour and a half drove to the youngest's school for conference found out that the guidance office didn't have a counselor for the conference but then they sent me from one classroom to the next until we finally got all the teachers together ran home, walked the fluffernutter (dog) and wolfed down sandwich and hazelnut cappuccino drove to the Bronx for a deposition drove back to the office returned calls went through mail attended meeting about the... Read more →

List Friday - Theme Annoucement

After the success of our first List Friday, I immediately had writer's block and couldn't think of one, single interesting thing for the next list. And Mr. Pom and I are completely exhausted from the first 24-hours as a dog owner (not to mention wondering how a "free" dog can cost so much money - could it be the bed, crate, grooming, vet visit, dog bones, etc., that any yuppie dog would need? But I digress). Then someone at Blogher contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted List Friday listed as a link in their "arts & crafts... Read more →

Welcome Bella Shadow Pomegranate!

Yesterday afternoon, we visited the last shelter on our list and found our new dog, Isabella Shadow Pomegranate! The youngest took one look at her, grabbed her around her fluffy neck, and fell in love. She's a ten year-old dog who was given up because of a new baby. She's been in the shelter for six months and we're very grateful it was a no-kill shelter. She's like walking a fluffy cloud. She's very sweet-tempered, badly needs a bath and grooming, and seems to be the dog of our dreams - so far as any dog can be the dog... Read more →

List Friday - Splendid Necessities for Travel

You all read my list at the beginning of the week and it was pretty cumbersome. I've winnowed it down somewhat. Here is my fantasy list of those things I would have to take with me on my voyage out - to where? Doesn't matter, the voyage is the thing. And these are the things that I must have on any trip: digital camera laptop skeins of crimson chenille yarn and bamboo needles to knit a wrap to wrap around me at night. Bella Il Fiore Whipped Body Creme in Honeysuckle Grapefruit (you could eat it or wear it,,,) five... Read more →

Don't Forget List Friday!

Tomorrow will be our first ever "List Friday". You are invited to post a list that you've made featuring what are the splendid essentials you would take on an imaginary or real adventure. Posts mentioning new and exotic chocolate bars are most welcome! See Tuesday's post if you are not sure what we are all talking about. It looks like we are not going to be adopting a pet on this vacation as there's only four days left - quick, take the knife out of my hands! Our back up plan is to wait until early June when the college... Read more →

February "Vacation"

I consider the term "February vacation" a conundrum since it's a sucky time of year to find yourself home with nothing to do. I had to laugh when early last fall, I ran into an attorney I know and asked him where he was running to on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and he told me he was on the way to the travel agent because "as I know" if you don't lock in the Caribbean for February break now, you're out of luck. Yeah. Right. Of course. Not. But I am whinging (love that Anglo word). This February vacation we... Read more →

Announcing a New Feature: List Fridays!

Lists seem to strike a chord with readers. Readers seem intrigued by the enumeration of items, especially those relating to imaginary voyages. Is it the preparation for travel that we desire, or the travel itself? I often think it is the eve of the trip that is the most exciting. Maybe we all have too much time on our hands during the quiet, long days of February, holiday-less and grim days that will soon climax with Ash Wednesday and the long six week march to Spring. Creative Voyage has posted a lovely list of her own in response to my... Read more →

Radical Simplicity

Dan Price's cool new book is a primer on how to strip your life down to the bare necessities in order to allow yourself the freedom to create an authentic life. I love Dan's book because his art is at eye level - everything that he sees, hears, and thinks of, he draws. He traveled cross country on a bike of his devising and built himself a troll house under a hill. The book is filled with his delightful renderings of tents and stoves and life in the meadow. Dan is like a kid brother; always planning hikes and trips... Read more →

MAM Bloggers Unite

Middle Aged Mothers (MAMS) are being heard from! [Editorial note: In response to questions, MAMS are ageless and sexless - you just have to be a person who is raising kids - and you feel your age! And that doesn't exclude caregivers whose children have let the nest or have their own nest. We never stop being caregivers, regardless of the age of the kids] I don't think any post I've written has ever generated such thoughtful and lengthy comments. I am heartened to discover lots of MAMS who are using the Internet to express themselves and to follow threads... Read more →