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6 moments I'd like to relive: 1. my wedding 2. my honeymoon in San Francisco when my mother called to say I passed the bar exam. 3. Finding out I was pregnant with each of my children. 4. The weekend Mr. Pom and I spent in Carmel at his boss's cottage. 5. The vacation on Cape Cod with my mother and father the year before my father died. 6. Anyone of the days spent with all my kids on vacation when they were all little. 6 moments I wouldn't want to relive: 1. Watching the Twin Towers collapse from the... Read more →

Status Update on Dog Adoption

She's fine. Really, this large, fluffy, incredibly sloppy dog has taken over the household. Just be mindful that I didn't let her up on the bed. Especially with her bone, which you can see by Mr. Pom's leg. She carries this bone everywhere - everywhere, in her mouth while she gets walked around the block or even while doing her, er, business. She's quite the character. She is the sloppiest dog I ever met. She manages to get kibble everywhere in the kitchen whenever she eats and there is constantly a trail of water leading somewhere from either her drooling... Read more →

These are the violets that appear along our driveway as the first spring growth. When I was home sick yesterday, I was able to go outside and snap a few photos, but I didn't feel well enough to clear away the leaves. Fluffernutter kept me company and when I had to get a prescription, she was glad to come for the ride. The dog is obsessed with riding in a car. As excited as she gets to go for a walk, she goes into a frenzy if you beep the car when you are outside. She drags you to the... Read more →

List Friday

This week's theme is lifted from a meme that a friend of mine sent me. I don't know where she got it from, but in case you were the one that started this meme, please accept my apology for not giving you credit, I'm merely borrowing it for List Friday: Please list for us the following, to wit: (arcane lawyer language) -six minutes you'd like to relive -six minutes you'd like to erase Read more →

Blog's been closed for a few days while I scramble around. Mr. Pom is laid up with his back again and has been in bed since Friday night. That means there's no one around but me to do all the nasty weekend things like clean, laundry, etc. I had high hopes to get it all done, but I managed to get a stomach bug and I've been no help. I made the wise decision to cancel the realtor's appointment - she can see the house when we are both able to pitch in and organize this place. I soldiered through... Read more →

The List: Or What I Need to Discard/Obtain to Bring About My Personal, Colorful Fruition

If it's all maintenance after 30, then it's all repair after 40. One of the most grueling parts of the day is when I sit on my bed each morning and take out my triple magnifying mirror and "prepare" the face for it's daily application of sludge makeup. Yes, I've written before about being born into the feminist movement and cutting my teeth in the 70's on Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan, but I'm also the middle daughter in a family of 5 girls and we all know that my mother at 80 is dressed more sharply than I'll... Read more →

List Friday

This one you can interpret any way you want: What are ten things you need to get rid of and ten things you need to get to bring yourself to personal fruition?What does that mean? You decide. Look at the areas of your life that need work - or the areas of your house, closet, or drawers. Have fun. That's what List Fridays are all about. See you in the funny pages. Read more →

Why We Stay Here

Looking for a new house within the confines of the city I grew up is quite a different proposition than the adventure of flying from coast to coast on three-day looking binges where we gobbled up house listings like salted peanuts. House 1, 2, 3, and so on until 15, perhaps 20 over a weekend. Then the flight home with a totebag stuffed with black and white statistics and blurry photos and the brain spitting out bits and pieces for the kids to digest. Added to the tilt-a-whirl experience was the foreignness of it all. Were we really in America... Read more →


'Tis Spring today. Thoughts turn to fuzzy chicks, burgeoning buds, clear skies, and new beginnings. Can't you feel the change in atmosphere? Our thoughts are turning to starting over, to refining our lives, to clarifying our dreams. So what's holding you back from your New Beginning? For List Friday the Pomegranates are asking you to list TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO SHED and TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO ACQUIRE for your journey to personal fruition. Now we don't care whether you are literal and list the contents of your attic to throw out or get all Dr. Phil on us... Read more →