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Springtime weekend begins with a platter of sushi jewels red roe and avocado green a dragon roaring on a plate while we watched The Squid and The Whale. Morning spent browsing silks and damasks dreaming of draperies with fabric covered buttons black and white toile blood red damask acid green chocolate brown linen pink turquoise blue hemmed with braids of purple grapes. I want to live amidst the dupioni with sheets of cut velvet curtains of crackling taffeta and pillows of embroidered chinoiserie to leave patterns on my cheek in a farmhouse bed of blackest ebony like Snow White's hair... Read more →

List Friday: Career Day

Remember that? Dressing up and giving a report on what you wanted to be when you grew up? I honestly don't remember ever having that in grade school, and I don't remember doing it in high school, either. But we all have dreams. I figured there was two ways to do this List Friday prompt - either seriously, with all the other avenues I didn't or couldn't take in life (Rockette), or a real fantasy where I dream up lives I never could have lived, but find fascinating (stripper). So here's the ones that are in-between: Travel writer. What could... Read more →


Yesterday, I was leaving work, driving around our building and through the parking lot. It was stressful day, a usual day, another day of never being able to catch up and sinking more into the morass. I was muttering to myself and ransacking the brain to figure out what I could throw together for dinner. I did notice that the sun had finally come out after four days of heavy rain. I rounded the corner of the parking lot in the large office "park" and drove past a big grassed area backed by woods where we occasionally see deer and... Read more →

Fiber Arts Workshop

After an afternoon of zoning out on repeats of Gilmore Girls and eating carbs with the Young One, and a fully insane day of insane work, I am ready to upload my photos from the weekend. This was my destination, The Greenville Arms in Greenville, New York: I was there to take a workshop with the sweet, wonderful, and very talented Lesley Riley, who was finally going to teach me how to do photo transfers, a skill most have mastered by now, but somehow kept eluding me. Thursday was gorgeous and I was in high spirits when I started my... Read more →

Sad News

Our friend, Mary Beth, of the desertdaybyday blog, has posted some very sad news in the comment section and I am posting it here so all can read it. Dear Family * Friends, Our daughter Katy, was induced Thursday April 20th and had a smooth 10 hour labor. Around 6 PM, she was fully dilated and ready to have Ryder. Her doctor had been paged more then an hour prior to this time, and Katy, Eric(Ryder's Daddy), Myself and Bob were celebrating the soon to arrive baby. Suddenly Ryder's heart rate dropped to below 50 and numerous nurses rushed into... Read more →

List Friday - Bloom Where You Are Planted

Writing to you from upstate New York where spring is a tender green haze over the stubble of winter. Here's why I love where we live: Do you know the George M. Cohan song, "25 minutes from Broadway, a real old-fashioned town"? OK, it pre-dates even me, but it's pretty well-known song , "give my regards to 42nd St and tell them I will soon be there...." Well, that's the town I live in and I really am 25 minutes from Broadway. On a low traffic day, I can be from my driveway to the parking garage at the Metropolitan... Read more →

Yards and Yards of List Friday

I'm packing up my fabric and my scissors and my chocolate and books cause I'm going on a trip. To an art workshop, to be exact. With the incredible Lesley Riley, whom I haven't seen since Artfest 2001. I am taking her long weekend class in Fabric Transfers, at a little inn in upstate New York. So this week, there will be a very simple list Friday: Traveling always makes me appreciate home, so List the reasons you love to live where you live. If you don't love where you live, try to find 10 things you like about where... Read more →

Spring Follies

Saturday was my day to do errands, prepare for Easter dinner, help the Bunny make the baskets, and do the wash. So instead, I dragged one of my sisters to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx where we visited all the major food sources for provisions: Torrone, pizza rustica, and salted ....herring? the loaves and the fishes er, conches and crabs Easter bread like my great-grandmother used to make. an assortment of olives and dried sausages and those beautiful Mediterranean staples. After lunch to fortify us (soft shell crab and grilled polenta with mushrooms), we took off to the salumeria: and... Read more →