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List Friday

You thought I forgot, right? Well, I did.

But here is the theme for this Friday - list your top ten "hobby" supplies.

I'm keeping it easy since it's Easter weekend and some of us are hitting CVS before work to stock up on bunnies and little gifts and trying to figure out the menu for Sunday as well as remember to tell all the chilluns about the various Church services we will be attending.

With 2 kids in college, I sometimes forget to tell them stuff - like when my sister was in the big car accident and The Princess read it on the blog. Mystery Man, now I could put in this that his father and I are getting divorced and have no fear that he would ever find out. He called me one day because he wanted to see something on the blog - can't imagine what it was- and asked me what's the name of your blog - pineapples or something?

Yeah, right.

That's my phrase for the day.

That's the phrase a person very close to me used when I talked about doing something very important to me that would take a bite out of my little savings.

Yeah, right.

Ignore the above. God forbid everybody in the family decides to get a blog.