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List Friday finally before it actually is List Friday

Oops - the holiday on Monday has messed with my sense of time and I only just realized that it is Wed and I haven't posted the theme for list Friday. Holy Guacamole, Batman, Mrs. Pom is losing it in a big way! No, really, don't protest. I am slowly losing my blogging routine and getting very word flabby. I'm sure it will pass. I just need a vacation to get the creativity flowing again. So here's my List Friday: Blockbusters - as in how do you bust through your blocks? What are the ways you get your creativity revved... Read more →

catch up

It's taken me two days to slow down on this three-day weekend. It's the usual pattern for me. I gear up as the week wears on, getting more excited about the time-off. By the time Friday night rolls around I am like a kid on Christmas Eve and I can't sleep as my mind reels with all the possibilities that the weekend holds. After a fitful night's sleep fitted out with tossing and turning, my eyes pop open at 6:30. Okay, I cannot possibly get up that early on a Saturday morning. Mr. Pom will kill me and I will... Read more →

Pomp & Circumstance

Wow - college graduation's are a lot larger and more formal than pre-school ones. I still remember her little dress, the powder blue mortar board the school provided, and the seemingly hours long rendition of "On the Farm" that they all sang. I believe The Princess was the duck, but I'll have to pull out some old photos and check. This time there were no farm animals and everyone wore black. The national flags represent the countries of all the students attending the university. They went all around the arena space and were quite impressive. The ceremony began with bag... Read more →

List Friday Summahtime

Summertime - okay it's not really summer till 6/21, and it's still a cold,wet spring, but it is coming and we can dream and put ourselves on the beach or under the Tuscan sun, so here goes: 5 drinks: Margaritas made in my own blender, with fresh strawberries, tequila, and lots of ice. We make them with watermelon, raspberries, mango, even peach, and this year, we will be making them with pomegranate juice, of course! The set up in the Pom household is one blenderful with alcohol and one without for the girls, though for the first time, The Princess... Read more →

I Want I Want I Want

No, it's not Friday but I'm sneaking in a list - has nothing to do with tomorrow's list, but a list nonetheless. Still suffering with the cold and exhaustion, so my thoughts are only coming out word by word. What I Want (a totally self-centered, egocentric, indulgent fantasy) a studio at the top of the house with a big window where white curtains fly up in salutation in the breeze mornings that are up and out early with a strong cappuccino followed by walking Fluffernutter around the lakes stacks of fat quarters of cotton tied with twine and sorted by... Read more →


Is it only Tuesday? Feels more like Wednesday. Funny how the days have a feeling of their own. Almost a synthesia difference between Monday and Thursday. Monday is drag your ass back to the office day. Tuesday always seems most unremarkable. Wednesday is Hump Day. Thursday has pre-party jitters. And Friday is get through the morning and the rest of the day will fly day. And with the weekend a holiday, maybe we'll get out a half day. If we have all our trials prepped for Tuesday. Ha! You may have noticed that Mrs. Pom's posts are getting scarcer than... Read more →

List Friday Summer

Yes, The Princess is now a college graduate! We had a lovely time, and when time permits this week, I will upload the requisite cap and gown and pomp and circumstance photos. Thank you all for your wonderful lists. She has promised to read each one and was touched that you all cared enough to write. This coming weekend is Memorial Day - the official start of the summer season in the U.S. It may be 43 and raining in New York, but dammit, it's summer and the pools are opening and lifeguards are taking the stand at the beach... Read more →

My Other Blog is Hilarious

You've really got to get over to my other blog. What's going on there is so hilarious, your jaw will drop, hit the desk top, and shatter. You will roll off the bed with your laptop, fall onto it, and have it imbedded in your stomach, which when you think of it may be the way to go anyway because, let's face it, most laptops aren't really of a portable weight and if, like me, your stomach is so large you can't see past it, having your laptop imbedded in it will come in mighty handy. What other blog, you... Read more →

List Friday - Graduation Day

Dearest Princess, It's over! All the school days, the homework, class projects, team projects, papers, presentations, finals, grades, tests, and roommates. At least till grad school starts I'll save all the mushy stuff to tell you in private, but as you walk in the processional with your cap and gown and reach out your hand to get your diploma, here are some thoughts to keep in mind: go with your heart but remember to figure out how to pay for it in other words find that career that makes your pulse quicken and take it step by step don't do... Read more →

Mystery Solved

It is Mother's Day. When I left the house, it was so quiet, orderly, calm, peaceful. When I returned several hours later, I knew something was amiss. What's up? I asked myself. (No one else usually listens so I went to the source.) The first clue was this strange object that appeared to be stuck on the doorframe of one of the bedrooms. Next, I noticed that Fluffernutter was in a frenzy and scratching herself more than usual, but this time to a discernable beat. The Young One flitted past me, her spirits very high. I followed the sound of... Read more →