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List Friday - 4ths of July

I really enjoy the 4th of July as a holiday. It has a little bit of midsummer, after dark magic to it. I always remember it as sun-scorched with the need for lots of water for swimming and floating to round it out, ending with grilling hot dogs, roasting marshmallows and booms of fireworks echoing across the darkened sky. These are the 4ths of July that remain in my mind long past the last cinder floats down. Childhood Independence Days were remarkably similar. We went to a local beach if it was sunny, and then always had a barbecue at... Read more →

A Very Special List Friday

I know, I know, I said List Friday was going on hiatus to the fall and it generally is. But this is a Very Special List Friday (you know, like those TV episodes that come out in sweeps week?). Tomorrow begins the 4th of July long weekend. Makes me start thinking about summer vacations, and in particular, places where I've spent the 4th of July. For List Friday, the Pomegranate Household would like to know where you've spent the 4th of July (and if you read this post before I revised it, just move along). ****************************************************************** Read more →

Games People Play

Nasty weather, dark, cold, windy, and pouring down rain. Is it March? News reports say this is a "200 year storm". Fluffernutter is beside herself and spent the night pacing from bedroom to hall and back again. I feel sorry for all the mothers home with kids on the first week of "summer" vacation. More like an early spring break and what to do with kids once you've seen the movies and gone to Chuckie Cheese. My older kids will have their hands full as they both work at camps and all the kids will have to be cooped up... Read more →

Sunday Reads

Hours and hours of soaking showers that cancel all plans and strand me in the house, with books, magazines, quilting, and writing. Such a burden! Here's what I have on hand for reading this weekend: Heat by Bill Buford, journalist turned kitchen slave after apprenticing with Mario Batali.The book reaffirms my aversion to working as a cook or chef, though I want to go to Babbo now more than ever. However, I will never order the pasta in any restaurant after 9:00. (As to other nasty bits, I refuse to read Bourdain's latest book because my husband and I already... Read more →

Hello Pomegranatians! You may be wondering where are the photos are lately - they are locked up in the digi, which The Young One has taken over and full frozen up with end-of-middle-school photos. I'm waiting for her to upload them on the other computer because I really don't need two twenty minute videos of the last day of bio and Italian. But she'll get to it as soon as she finishes the whirlwind of graduation parties. I think the last one is today unless there's more she's forgotten to tell me about. Mr. Pom and I have one more... Read more →

List Friday - What NOT to Star In

You will never see me on any TV show uttering these lines: "We see a figger of a man in the corner of our bedroom at night. At first we wus afraid, but he don't bother us no more, so we leave him alone as long as he leaves us alone...." "Sex? Sex? I didn't come here for no sex. No, I'm naked and running around a 14 year old's house with a tub of Cool Whip because I'm....hungry." "Before you start redecorating and throw out all my furniture and rip out all my rugs, and trash everything that I... Read more →


When Fluffernutter strolled her way into our life, the first thing that struck me was the fur. Lots and lots of fur. White fur. I was pretty skeptical about the fur, having had a Siberian Husky for 15 years who spent the warm weather months looking like a molting bird with plugs of fur falling out of her and rolling across the floor, sticking to the furniture, and flying out the car windows. I am pleasantly surprised to say that Fluffernutter so far has had some mild shedding, but despite the heat, her coat is intact. The Little One brushes... Read more →

Our Day At the Beach

Sunday spent under cloud free bell jar skies of blue. Mr. Pom had us out of bed and ready for the beach, reminding me for another summer of the Baron in the Sound of Music, lining his kids up for inspection. Only Mr. Pom lacks the whistle. (And, no, don't send him one.) Once there, once the food was all cooked and packed up on Saturday night, and the beach towels found, and the umbrellas and sunscreen and thermos, and chairs and boogie and skim boards, and the two cars loaded and the son given money for tolls and parking... Read more →

List Friday - What NOT to Star In

It's getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes - no wait, that's not what I meant to say. It's getting hot in here, summer reruns are boring us, and we're flipping through all the cable stations and wondering who the hell watches us all this crap? For this week's List Friday, we want to know if you were going to be on the cover of TV Guide, what 5 TV shows would you NOT want it to be for? ( And anyone who would like to edit my clumsy sentence is very welcome to, damn - another... Read more →

Saturday List - For Me

write write write find replacement basket for new coffeemaker (Mr. Pom lost a crucial part!) put away laundry cleaners return internet shopping (clothes are hard online) find cards for Mr. Pom (Father's Day) and for Mystery Man (20 birthday!) shopping list for beach trip tomorrow clean porch railings clean porch blinds find firefly lights wash all porch accessories (in trunk) find porch cushions take out stuff to grill tonight roast tomatoes on grill (Nigel Slater recipe for roasted tomato sauce & cream) put away winter clothes laying on studio floor put together hexagon package for the beach find bathing suit... Read more →