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Back home safe and sound, but our internet is kaput. Mystery Man working hard on trying to figure it out. If you don't hear from me for awhile, that's the problem. Will check in occasionally after work from *bucks. Talk amongst yourselves. Read more →

Time To Pack Up and Boogie On Down the Road

Flip flops Fuschia and lime green beach towels Liam's onion rings Crystal Lite lemonade Sunflower beach umbrellas Jingle shells Whelk casings Warm peanut butter sandwiches dusted with sand Hellava Good Bacon horseradish dip Breaching humpbacks Penuche fudge Vanilla salt water taffy Sundae School Coconut & Frozen Pudding ice cream sundaes Cook's Lobstah rolls Frozen strawberry daiquiris G&T's on the deck Breakfast coffee made by Mom After dinner coffee on the deck with the candles that blow out every 2 minutes 8:00 a.m. beach sketching by myself Coffee with next to Constance McCashin and our chatting as I sketch her dog,... Read more →

Summer of Her 14th Year

The cousins took off today. And though A. is a superwoman, the littlest of her brood was wearing her down and she decided that the single parenting week was over. She honestly has the most well-behaved children I've ever been around, and that includes mine. Since it was cloudy and boring after their leave-taking, I spent the morning working on an art piece due August 1st - as in right after I get back. It's three-quarters done and I'll finish up some tonight and leave the rest for home where I have some collage stuff I need to use. We... Read more →

So I Found the Camera Cable

A few random shots of Week One . The bliss of vacation anticipation. The trinity of vacation needs: craft, art, and reading. Here are my quiltie flowers. (update: haven't unpacked the pieces and sewn a single stitch). The art supplies, now those I have used everyday. Scans to come. Books: I finished the two Provincial Lady books within two days, good junk food reading, though surprisinglycurrent. Kept checking the pub date to see if it was a contemporary satire. Case Histories was interesting but I was disappointed to read that her next book will feature the same gumshoe. The book... Read more →


The beach is narrow and wide and we can, if not as lazy a bunch as we are, walk to it. Of course, we have the excuse of chairs, thermos, basket, and the other fol de rol that we just must have and so we drive down, and are shamed by our cousin who drops off all her stuff, drives her car to the house, and then runs back to the beach. We only tolerate her because she got us all knitting again a few summers back. I am anxious to feel the waters of Nantucket Sound. They've been promised... Read more →

From Ridiculous to the Sublime

Beds with soft sheets and "pillow tops". Clean appliances - better than home. A half mile from a lovely beach on Nantucket Sound. Hydrangeas in shades from deepest purple to scarlet to heavenly blue. A huge crab apple with spreading shade. A big deck with chairs with bottoms - and cushions A table with an umbrella (good thing pouring rain for two days) And wireless! (already on too much - will limit to one check in a day) Fancy shmancy down here. We've traveled from the forearm of the Cape to the right below the elbow. The road says we... Read more →

Dear Mr. Summer House Owner

Having rented over 20 houses in 20 years, here are some helpful suggestions to you, Mr. Summer House Owner/Lessor: If you expect three women and two girls to take garbage to a dump, let alone locate where the dump is on a map - your rentals will be few and far between Blue painter's tape over the shredding front door screen does not a good impression make. Consider replacing 100-year old screen door with one that stays shut because as though we come for the nature, we prefer to view it through a screen. A double bed is a double... Read more →

It's Smurry.

Don't know if it's a bona fide meteorological term, but "smurry" is when it's misty and cloudy and the sun sometimes peeks out. Which describes today, but not last night when we were grazed by the reaching fingers ofTropical Storm Berle. Not nearly as dramatic as we would've liked it to be, but since Mr. Pom barely survived the great electrical storm of mid-week (no power, falling tree blocking road - again - refer back to February or March archives for similar incident), I was grateful that we didn't have to abandon the island or prop up the roof with... Read more →

Summer Reprises

(Enjoy this reprise from summers past while I'm away) 5th of July Where are those movies that left an indelible mark in our American consciousness? My husband and I tried to go to the movies over the weekend while we were away. Our choices, in a large megaplex, were Spiderman 2, Dodgeball, Shrek2, and others too mundane to remember. Now, I've seen Shrek2 and it was cute. I may even see Spiderman2, but I doubt that I will remember either in ten years. I can, however, remember seeing the greatest movies of my life, all probably from 1970 to 1985,... Read more →

Live from the Cape!

I'm at my favorite cool down and escape from the vacation place - The Cyber Cafe. Yes, I do have a laptop now and could go to a few Internet accessible places, but we just got off a whale watch boat and we have to kill time till past high tide to get back on the island. Ah, the island. Very interesting place. Not exactly what we pictured when we rented the cottage, but a change. And that was the keynote speech of last summer's vacation: we are tired of where we always stay, Mom. We want something new. Yes,... Read more →