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A week in a bubble, floating through blue skies and blue water and green marshes and brown sandy beaches. A red kayak that slices neatly through the Sound as mother and daughter head for the lighthouse. A paddle through a twisty creek that surprises battalions of fiddler crabs and mottled brown hawks that float like kites, suspended on shore breezes. A backyard feeder draws tiny Carolina wrens, bright yellow chickadees, lumbering, brassy blue jays, a tentative downy woodpecker, and a cartoon neon red Northern Cardinal. Children are dispatched to feed the feeder, which gulps down seeds at half a gallon... Read more →

Popping my head up to say we're back! I will wax long and poetically about our week...tomorrow. We pulled in around midday today, unloaded, ran to my sister's to celebrate my mother's 81st birthday, and now I have 200 emails to catch up on and lots to unpack. However, I picked up a little bug on our last day and it's made me very tired, so in accord with the autumnal weather that greeted me, I've taken to my bed with an omelette, toasted English, and a cup of Earl Grey. I have Sense and Sensibility on DVD to watch,... Read more →


We are going back for one more visit before summer's end. The whole family this time, all in tow, though Mystery Man has to leave for college mid-week and go home and pack. Fluffernutter will be guard the house in the company of our housesitters. We will be together, even if only for four days, something we haven't done on vacation in a few years. I hope there will be sandy peanut butter sandwiches, lukewarm lemonade, fireworks, band concerts, and burnt marshmallows. If there's wireless, you'll hear from me. If not, store up all your adventures in the waning days... Read more →

Out of the Closet

I am a woman in search of Kraft paper. I found a scrapbook album at Border's that had beautiful golden brown, thick Kraft paper. It is the perfect background for gouache and I love the way the paint presents on it. So I had this idea for a new project and need more Kraft paper. I've done a pretty thorough Internet search and ordered a roll of 12", 50 # paper. Anyone need to wrap any packages? I have a cajillion feet..... Yes, it was much lighter in weight than what I was working on and totally inappropriate for wet... Read more →

Porch Camping

Bell jar sky, cicadas thrumming, dappled shade, omelette's DE herbs on the porch, and the Times strewn about the floor. I leave to get my hair done and come back smelling of rosemary and mint. The cool temperatures are perfect for filling my new gouache palette and I noodle by the art store to pick up a warm green and cool yellow to round it out. I fill the little pans quickly and check on them every hour or so as they set up into little cakes of pretty colors. (Though I notice some are cracking - do I remember... Read more →

Families on the Move

It's really hard to hold a family together when both parents work outside the home full time. Our kids are basically grown, and yet I still feel like I'm missing half of what I should be there for and wonder exactly what is going on that I don't know about. It's not that I'm worried about what trouble my kids are getting into. They are pretty good in the behavior and trouble department. And I did assume as they got older, they would need me less and lead lives that didn't revolve around me. And basically, that is exactly what... Read more →

Life Will Continue As Always

I think that is what I just heard Michael Chertoff say. I'm sure it will; is there any other option? Chilling and nauseating to realize that people spend their lives figuring out ways to kill, maim, and terrorize on a mass scale. "The loss of life would have been unprecedented". One of my sisters is getting on a plane (domestic) tomorrow and will have to deal with this mess at the airport. No liquids allowed on board at all - does that include bottles of water that saved our lives when we were stuck on the tarmac for 5 hours... Read more →

Coloring Inside the Lines

When I was quite new to certain media, I did believe that successful painters did not draw their paintings before they painted. I believed that real painters just put the brush to canvas and painted without drawing it out first. I was wrong. At least for representational painting. It was a relief when I discovered this as my attempts to just paint it out were miserable failures. I'd say I'm 5% into being a decent watercolorist. Why does this unforgiving subject have me so enthralled? As much as I love collage, stamping, assemblage, mixed media, acrylics and colored pencils, nothing... Read more →

Sunday Snippets - It's Been So Long Since I've Really Visited with Y'all

First no Internet, then Internet but I couldn't upload any photos, then I couldn't access my own blog on my laptop. Today everything is back to normal - you know what that means, right? The end of the world as we know it. The Princess is sick, probably sinus infection. I am dragging her to the doctor as she doesn't want to go to the clinic that is the only doctor around here open on a Sunday and she is supposed to spend the day in the city with The Boyfriend is moving next weekend to South Carolina to attend... Read more →