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Skeins of Thought

Mid week - too tired to focus on a well-written, edited post. [Stop smirking, you know I occasionally manage one.] So here are the trails of my woolly thoughts: Mystery Man, who has not had a hair cut since early June when the girlfriend was coming, came down yesterday to go to a Yankee game with my cousin's young son, Mr. Pom, and The Young One.He kind of looks like a white Don King. The Princess, though she is on vacation, was jealous and wished she was home. I, for one, was so excited to be alone for the evening,... Read more →

Big Blue Chair

No, I'm not watching kiddie television, not anymore anyway, but I am looking for two new chairs for the living room. It's time; our wing chairs have served us well for 25 years, but it's time for something new. We bought these two chairs for an obscenely small amount because my Dad was a furniture salesman. At the time, we bought them in a blue plaid and they were very sturdy and looked very cozy in our wood-paneled living room. Impervious to spilled bottles and toddler drool, they were the perfect match for our rustic house. When we moved to... Read more →

Bumps In The Night

I'm sick. I know, who wants to read about that? But I can't sleep, and have actually gone to bed twice, and now I'm up late for the Pomegranate household. I have more of whatever it is I've had since June. The doctor suspects sinus infection and prescribed Levaquin. I came home early from work and took to my bed as soon as I picked up the meds from the pharmacybefore it closed at 7:00. I ordered way too much sushi and Mr. Pom was convinced we'd won the lottery when he went to pick it up. I had two... Read more →

It's time for tea and toast. The morning is sunny, but crisp, and my bed linens are dancing with leaf shadows. I have an extra hour today because I have a deposition ten minutes away instead of in the city. What to do with this extra hour? I could work on some art, but I'm not quite awake enough. I could roll over and go back to sleep, but then I'd dream I'd overslept and spend my nap being anxious. I could read a book, but I left it in the car. What I want to do is to pour... Read more →

We Are So Hot

Updated Celebrity Sightings! After a weekend of errands and a sinus headache, Sunday was too warm and sunny to continue cleaning out the third floor family room as Mr. Pom intended to do. We decided to go to the city, after a promise extracted by Mr. Pom then we would go to the city, not just through the city. Mr. Pom loves to drive in the city. He just doesn't like to park in the city. It's not the parking per se, he just sees the city as one big electronic game and he is Mario as we race the... Read more →

Please Let Me Run The World

Oh, I don't mean things like foreign policy and ferreting out terrorism, or world hunger, or global warming. No, I mean the important things, like running my office, fixing the courts, and fixing my daughter's high school schedule. The Young One started high school last week. For the first time in 18 years, I no longer have a child in grade school. I thought I'd miss being involved in her school, but so far I've talked to the high school staff in three days more than I've talked to her middle school in a year. We have a great high... Read more →

Tour de Blur

Lousy photo, I agree. I'm not a big fan of photos from camera phones, but they can be useful and appropriate to capture gritty street scenes. This photo was the view outside the inn we went to on Saturday. I was going to clean it up in Photoshop, but I kind of like it as it is. I think it is a very painterly composition. The colors are wonky, yet I think they work to imbue a certain mood of a fading fall day. You'll see it again when I draw and paint it a few times. This photo also... Read more →

I never want to be excused of unrealized dreams. There are too many people whom I see who seem to have no dreams, who stagger through each day with no other goal than to hear the closing bell and go home and collapse. Since I've been back from vacation, I've felt the pull of that slippery slope and it's a quick slide if you lose your footing. For some reason, my family seems to think that I've gone to the dark side. They are accusing me, their mother and wife, the woman who has books piled on her night table,... Read more →

Photos Wherefore Art Though?

Saturday we felt the need for a drive upstate to find some hints of autumn. We headed for our favorite rivertown, Cold Spring, and the Hudson House Inn. [Insert pretty picture of long white building with rambling porches alongside the Hudson and then check back tomorrow to see if Typepad has stopped being wonky. Continue to imagine images as you read on. If you read on without photos as you shake your head and say, geesh first no posts for 5 days and now no photos, get it together lady!] We've been going to the Inn for 24 years, having... Read more →


You guys are great and I thank you for all your kind comments and rallies around the flagpole. I'll get back into the swin of things and hopefully I won't lose all my readers before I do! While I'm writing this, I'm listening to the sound of chain saws and yellow lights are flashing in the windows as crews take down the downed trees on the end of the street. I'm glad I haven't been without power since Saturday. We know the drill from the winter - first they have to shut off the live wires, then the tree crew... Read more →