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Easy Entertaining by Blogging

Dear Mr. Chiarello, When I watch the line up of Food TV shows on a Sunday when I should be doing laundry or actually cooking a meal instead of watching someone else do it, getting ready to go to church, I watch in the following rotation: Paula Dean because I lived in Memphis for years and she reminds me of my friends and although she does great "back of the box cooking", I would never make anything she makes because she could not pronounce "marinara" and had to get Molto Mario to do it for her. During the next hour... Read more →

That Extra Hour I Gained

Is going directly on my hips. What is it about the change of seasons, especially autumn's lengthening that causes the body to crave carbohydrates, slow-cooked dinners, savory stews, pancakes, bacon, and all the comfort foods that kill us? Comfort but kill. But I digress. I am chained to the art room this weekend, finishing the artwork for the magazine's next issue. I am, as usual, hating what I've done, but sticking with it because it's due IN TWO DAYS! Sorry to yell. I've just gotten used to it as I remind family members that no, I can't go to the... Read more →

The Art of Mistake

I know, dear readers, that you picture my life as a series of Polaroid snapshots of beaches, sketchbooks, pots of tea, metal pans of paints, and rooms scented with the citrus of Earl Grey and buttery with shortbread cookies. But no. I spend my days in a suit, pound the pavement, and surprise judges and impress clients with my wit and wisdom. Or something like that. And worse, lately I am more management than litigator, stuck behind a desk, in meetings discussing skill sets and new hires, and documenting hours spent by staff at tasks. So Wednesday is the night... Read more →

Almost There

Almost there. Spent yesterday and today working on the artwork for the next issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. The idea jelled yesterday morning after I discovered two other projects I had worked on. I stuck with it most of yesterday afternoon and managed to get past the critical point when I absolutely hate what I've done. And then it survived the morning after test, that being that I didn't want to puke when I saw it the next morning. I write about creativity for every issue of the magazine. And for every issue, I go through the excruciating process of... Read more →

If for nothing else, my husband and I will always share a love of house and home. We met a long time ago, first loves for both of us. And when we were just teens struggling through high school, college, and first jobs, we already knew that we wanted the whole white picket fence American family dream. And I think we achieved it. We were the only ones of our crowd that spent Sunday afternoons driving in the country looking at houses. I can still recall a drive through the upper reaches of Westchester County, and a particular house near... Read more →

I Want Cake

It's been a busy two weeks, what with the birthday party at one end, the two trips upstate, and now the deadline for the next issue of the magazine coming up. My ideal plan for today would be to sit myself in a cafe and paint whatever I'm eating, a la Paris Breakfasts, but I can't. I have to come up with the artwork for the magazine and I am woefully behind this time. I have two ideas: one is too ambitious for the time I have left, and the other is very simple, but that means it has to... Read more →

Sorry to be so quiet this week. We are at a conference and the first part of the week was working 12 hour days to catch up so we could leave with all our cases covered. I even missed my watercolor class because I had a little virus and was in bed one night at 8:00 p.m. Today we drive home early and don't have to return to the office. I swear I am not even going in the building even though I am carpooling with my boss. No, I will not. No. She can't make me...right? Actually, she's as... Read more →

Autumn In New York

Parkways lined by trees in a paint by number box. October sun slants shadows long as knives across the fields. Smoky evenings lit by the glitter of moonglow. Drunken bees gorge on our paper cups of cider. And The Pomegranates play with squash. If you never let them play with guns, this is what happens. Oh, that's better, cell squashes are much more friendly. While the rest of the family is scientifically selecting the best Pom Pumps, Some are playing with their food. And although The Pomegranates subscribe to the No Pumpkin Left Behind Program, no matter how strong you... Read more →