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Mid Week

Yes, I'm still here, working longer hours, coming home in the dark, and cooking meals, after which I am ready to dive under the covers and do no more than surf the net. So here are some new blogs I've "discovered" and think you will enjoy. They are all what I call "nesting blogs", filled with beautiful words and imagery about creating a home. Enjoy - just don't forget to come back! Daisy Cottage Curious Sofa Diaries Welcome to the Boxwood Cottage Tales from Pixie Woods Read more →

Hard to plunge back into the work week and feel myself disappearing into the undertow as the work crashes around my head. I ran out of energy sometime Saturday and succumbed to feeling poorly and took to my bed. If you ever fantasize about a day in bed with magazines and books and TV, I can report that it doesn't live up to it's billing if you don't feel well and the sun is shining and everyone is reporting to you that it's as warm as spring outside. The house is mired in post-holiday ennui. The kitchen counters still hold... Read more →

On the First Day Of.....

There's a small window of quiet anticipation in the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm not one to go into a store on any day, so I certainly don't use my day after to get up in the dark and fight the crowds of Black Friday. The weekend after Thanksgiving is my time to look forward to the Christmas season before the rush and the pressure mounts. We linger over the meals of leftovers, make noises about bringing up some decorations, wonder where we put the lights, and firm up plans for whose house we will celebrate Christmas dinner. But we are... Read more →

Post-Game Show

It's 8:00 a.m. Friday and I'm still in bed and blogging from the laptop. And that is what I'm thankful for! The T-Day was lovely, a big success, and other than a kitchen meltdown when 10 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes, a stick of butter and two cups of milk turned into a cloudy, buttery, bowl of mashed potatoes mucilagic wallpaper paste and The Princess and sister A. saved the day by remembering that Boston Market has mashed potatoes, nothing was more exciting than when Mr. Pom deep fried a turkey and forgot to measure how much oil he needed.... Read more →

Message From the Tribe

What a great series of thoughtful and wise comments given by artists of all kinds on yesterday's post! I am definitely suffering from too much stimuli and too little of sitting of the butt and taking up brush in hand. I realize that developed a stylized point of view depends on being able to do the basics and do them enough times that you can build on them. I thought the comments were so interesting that I'm quoting some of them here to share with all of you, my fabulous readers who continually give me support and encouragement and inspire... Read more →

Somebody Stop Me

So here's my latest obsession, the thing I wake up thinking about at night, that finds me lost following links upon links links, and eats up all my spare time: I want to be a painter. I've come to the point on this art journey where I realize what I want to do. I'm slowly learning how to do it and it's all starts and stutters because I don't have that much free time to pursue it. But it's more than just becoming a painter. I want to paint all the time and I want to write all the time.... Read more →

Gobble Gobble Gobble

In my head, I'm a fine cook and an exuberant hostess. I look forward to holidays with a sense of anticipation that begins to bud on the first day of school. My fervor for cold weather, leaves changing, slow cooking, and red wine reaches a fever pitch in early November. Thanksgiving was a great holiday when I was a kid. It was when we made the Pilgrim and Indian napkin rings in school and had a "feast" in Girl Scouts consisting of corn bread and making our own butter by shaking cream, a feat duplicated by my own kids in... Read more →

Drapes Redux

Thanks for all the comments on the drapes! I have posted another photo that I think is more true to the color. The other photos were too orangey and the color way is actually called "raspberry". Looking at the photos on line, I've decided to make the tie backs much looser and yes, I will have them hang loose in the evening. Unfortunately, they don't really close well because the fabricator (moi) made the rod pocket too small. Hey - I was sewing on a deadline! And now I've gone and gotten this gorgeous lime green fabric with raspberry and... Read more →

So I figured that after 6 years, we aren't going to move anytime soon. That means I really had to do something about this: And this: I dislike our dining room. It's too small and it never feels like a warm place to be in. And it's always cold, literally. We've talked about changing the wall color, but right now I can't seem to find anyone to paint and I certainly don't have the time or energy to tackle it myself. So I got a little of this: And a whole bunch of that: Did I mention that Calico Corners... Read more →