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Happy New Year's Weekend!

I know I'm a tad early, but we're off to the Cape for the weekend. We will ring in the new year on our favorite place on earth, and send our good wishes for all of you into the Atlantic to be carried round the world on the currents of the mysterious ocean. I had the first draft of a long post about resolutions and superstitions and manifesting your destiny, but it sounds really preachy and rambly and I don't have the time to prune it into something that someone other than my mother would want to read. So, you'll... Read more →

All Is Calm

This is what you do in the week between Christmas and New Year's: You stay in your pajamas until noon and take coffee and toast back to bed and read all the magazines in the basket next to your nightstand. You finally get up the energy to clean the roasting pans and serving platters and sweep up the sugar sanding the kitchen floor. You and your significant other picnic on leftover lobster and linguine for dinner and finish the Chardonnay, then put on pajamas at 7:00 and watch TV in bed. You brave the mall you avoided pre-Christmas and find... Read more →

Some More Holiday Eating!

I didn't have a chance to take many pictures on Christmas, so my sister sent over these. They just redid their dining room and living room, pulling up wall to wall carpeting and refinishing the floors and painting it all a sunny yellow. They also switched their dining room and living, creating a cozy family room and huge dining room where we all fit for a holiday meal. Isn't a pretty? Here we are for Christmas Day dinner. It's my family, sister M's, the grandmothers, and my other sister M (This is Darryl and my other brother Darryl.) Sister A... Read more →

The Pomegranates Are All Asleep in Their Beds While Visions of Cleaning the Mess Runs Through Mrs. Pom's Head

Actually, Mr. Pom had to get up and go to work. See, The Boss is at his vacation house in a far-flung warm country, and Mr. Pom is In Charge. I, for one, am In Bed, eating leftover pignolata and watching Borat on Regis. I would not get out of the bed except to run downstairs for more pignolata and coffee and things to eat which I can't tell my doctor about, except Mystery Man is flying to Florida to visit The Girfriend and that means I have to get dressed (sigh) and drive him there. Christmas was everything Christmas... Read more →

It IS a Holly Jolly Festivus!

The Pomegranate household is bursting at the seams. All the bedrooms are filled to capacity with children anxious for gifts Christmas to arrive. Christmas decorations are interspersed with a semester's worth of laundry - in festive bags! Strange gifts arrive - the glare of the empty refrigerator is dulled somewhat by cartons of citrus and boxes of cheese and sausage logs. Pepcid AC is hastily scribbled on Santa's list. Boxes and cartons, wrapped and unwrapped, are stacked high in bedrooms and there are scurrying noises behind closed doors. Upon entering through the front door, a towering stack of just delivered... Read more →


Above is my Santa gouache painting. I needed something quick to bring into the office, so I copied the little Victorian postcard shown a few posts ago. I decided to add the glitter mustache because it gives it a dimensional quality for the gift wrapping. Sometime today, I have to find time to "paint" some ribbon and a bow. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the frame home, so I have to approximate the measurements. (No one is supposed to know who is doing what frame, so I thought lifting it off the wall and carrying it home might be seen as... Read more →


I haven't forgotten about you - I just am trying to catch up with Christmas. I've been busy working on the next submission for the magazine and with projects at work. This weekend was the first time I had to go to a store for Christmas shopping and Mr. Pom and I ran off to Target Friday night and loaded up two wagons full 'o stuff. This morning we hit Costco's, and I found the cutest gifts for all the paralegals and support staff. I bought big, faux gingerbread houses filled with cookies and stacking Shaker-style boxes painted up like... Read more →