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Time slows down to barely luminescent days. It is a spare time of year, befitting the season of Lent, and I alternately rail at the harsh winter light and embrace days sheltered by mother of pearl skies. Mornings are not broken by the sound of birdsong, but there is a promise sewn into the silk of silence, tiny stitches of red silk that gather the dove grey days into thimble pockets that line my skirts and are filled with the prick of piney needles of rosemary, the startling flesh of blood oranges, the rolling paws of pussy willow buds, and... Read more →

Technical difficulties

Remember the problems with the Apple laptop power cords? How I had to get a new one? How they have a 4-week wait due to how freaking defective they are? Then I had to buy a more expensive generic adaptor? Well, now the generic adaptor broke. And the tip came off. In the adaptor plug. And I have to bring it to Apple to have them repair it. Sigh. Right now I'm using The Teen's laptop. Or should I say my laptop that I let her use. So blogging will be light until the laptop is fixed. Unless The Teen... Read more →

What to Give Up For Lent

I have a lot on my mind lately. I've been burning the midnight oil at work and this week we have a lot of people out due to February school break. Mr. Pom had a horrible and unexpected tooth extraction at the oral surgeon and we spent the weekend changing ice packs and preparing yogurt drinks for him. He's doing okay now but the weekend was pretty much a wash out and he's not looking forward to going back to the dentist tomorrow to have the stitches out. Ouch. He says not expecting it made it worse, but I told... Read more →

Mid Winter Respite

IMid-winter. Greys and blacks and whites and silvers. Trees stand in stark relief against the blinding blankness of iced over snow. Dusk begins to lengthen with a purple bruise to the sky. The sun is strong enough to warm the room in the morning, though the heat pours out of the registers until the thermostat shuts off after we all leave for work. The squirrels are still so busy, even when it is 5 degrees out. Some very athletic ones have taken up residence on the porch roof and spend hours chasing their tails up and down the eaves and... Read more →

I Wish I Had a River....

After what seems a lifetime of winters not cold enough to sustain a freeze for skating, our town opened one of the lakes for ice-skating. There are 6 or 7 lakes here, and when I was young, all of them would be open for skating from the end of the year until March. We lived up the street from an oval-shaped beauty ringed with trees and rocks perfect for hunting turtles in summer and lacing up skates in winter. I was not much of a daredevil as a kid. It didn't come to me naturally and any inclination I had... Read more →

And Snow On & Snow On

A Valentine Snow Day~ What sweeter gift is that? And with a mid-week peace and leisure amidst a sugar-dusted world, two daughters who lie on either side of me like bookends as we feed each other chocolates and watch silly morning television. Presents are exchanged like Christmas morning: a hot pink hot cup and candle in a crystal box for The Princess and a candy heart and candy lip glosses for Miss J. We are all snowbound and missing our men: Mr. Pom at work; Mystery Man on internship, and The Boyfriend down in the sunny south. Somehow, we will... Read more →

Romance: Off The Top of My Head

This is the most romantic book I have ever read. I would leave everything I have for Venice. * But of course, only if I could come back to it all, because one cannot live in exquisite harmony all one's life. Right? This is the most romantic movie of my early years (and I mean this particular production): Though, when I was the age when it came out, I thought this was the most romantic movie I'd ever seen.No comments regarding this week's news. Today, I think the most romantic movies I've ever seen are these: My God, everyone was... Read more →

Sweetie Pie

I am supposed to be cutting carbs and sugar - really, aren't we all? But I'm really supposed to be doing that. And except for the occasional weekend lapse, I've done very well on my weekday regimen. But when you have to take your child to a doctor's appointment and afterward, you are both feeling pretty low, you can't really put up a defense when there's a parking spot right in front of this place: Little Pie Company sells all things . . . pie. Very retro inside, with a long counter that snakes around old-fashioned cushioned counter stools. There... Read more →