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It's Not Friday, But.......

Wow - weatherman says there are blizzard warnings in Utah and Montana. Dudes, I was complaining that we can't keep it quite over 60 degrees for two days in a road around here. However, Easter is coming in ten days and that is spring for me (though I clearly rememember going to church at 14 in my lovely pastel purple spring coat and Ali McGraw cloche and having it snow). But spring, ah, spring is a state of mind and I as the sun lights up the drapes in my bedroom, let me tell you I am ready for it!... Read more →


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Maggie from Liverpool reminds me that it is time to get the seeds in order for spring planting. There isn't a seed catalogue in the house but I did buy a bunch of packets when at Target a few weeks ago. I picked up several different types of sunflowers for planting against the garage wall. The garage is dark cedar and the sunflowers pop in color against the dark wood. We started planting them there when we first moved and it was a great project for the The Young One who was only about 8 years... Read more →

Monday morning dawns clear and cold and I am tangled in the covers, hiding my eyes when Mr. Pom turns on the light and burrowing under the pillows for those ten more minutes in bed I am due after he leaves. Incredibly, I never left the house from when I came Friday night to when I get in the car on Monday morning. Friday I was under the weather and crashed into bed and Saturday and Sunday I sat in the dining room in my pajamas and worked on my art project. I'd like to tell you it is all... Read more →


I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with a beautiful.......artist! Forgive the riff; I just watched South Pacific on PBS (who Reba McIntyre and Alec Baldwin, strange but fun) and can't get the lyrics out of my head. That said, I had an enchanted evening the other night when I discovered an artist, new to me, but apparently not to the rest of the world since she is designing a line of paper tablecloths and slipcovers for Target. Her name is Isabelle de Borchgrave, a Belgian artist who is primarily a painter and textile designer. You may have... Read more →

Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

I am working on a project that keeps expanding and threatens to never be done. I have taken over the dining room table and it spread with sketchbooks, pans of watercolor and gouache, brushes, gel medium, magazines, collage material, and ephemera. Each night, we gingerly move parts of the mess around the table to make room for us to sit down. Mr. Pom has mentioned his, uh, "dissatisfaction" with the situation, but I explain that I need room. What about the art room? he asks. Yeah, that's trashed at the moment. I began one project on the heels of another.... Read more →

Craft Saturday

I am alone in my little house this Saturday afternoon. I have tidied up the first floor, since my mom and sister M is coming for dinner. I've planned a menu of turkey breast, roasted carrots, roasted potatoes, and roasted asparagus - my paean to the spring that has so far eluded the northeast. At least six inches of hard, sharp, icy snow has covered everything and Mr. Pom spent about an hour battling through it with a snowblower. Fluffernutter tried to play in it, but only managed to have her four legs splay out from under her. She does... Read more →

Extra! Extra!

The latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors has hit the newstands. The cover is a beauty as it features the vibrant watercolor journaling of Jane LaFazio and a great article about her journals that will have your sketching juices flowing. And of course, an essay by moi, that just happens to be about the allure and lure of blank books of all kinds and my love of all things art journaling. Funny thing, the magazine didn't plan for us both to have articles about the same subject - but serenditipy was at work! Spring, and dognabit I don't care if... Read more →

Everybody Happy?

Some of you may recall my post of a month or so ago, a post that received the most amount of comments that I can remember, a post wherein I revealed a deep, personal tragedy plaguing the Pomegranate household: the appearance of this she-devil: I know you've all been up night worried for us as we deal with this stranger in our midst. Well, all the pieces to our "home theater" finally arrived and for one, brief, rare moment, everyone in the house is TV happy. Not so bad now. Those doors on the upper cabinet actually close. The middle... Read more →

A Test

It was 70 degrees yesterday. Tomorrow it is going to snow 10 inches . A quandary: what to serve for dinner? Do we stick with perk-up-winter fun food reserved for snow days? Bagel bites, Buffalo chicken wings, and cheese quesadillas. Or do we go with something more substantial and stick to the ribs, like my tomato gravy* with pork ribs. Or do we ignore the sleet, hail, slush, and freezing rain peling the windows, and go with our hearts: (Rather Vermeer-like, no?) Asparagus roasted with olive oil, coarse salt, and pepper. And a family favorite (of everyone but Mr. Pom):... Read more →

My dear Pomegranatians, It's been a long while and I have missed you all terribly. But I have a secret to share with all of you: there are other things to do besides blog. Who knew?!?! While my laptop was ailing I read two books, almost completed a new, large painting, started a new artist book, made a couple of fabric Easter eggs, and continued knitting the never-ending cotton scarf for my friend, Marcie. I got the laptop back just in time as I felt the need to blog slowly leaching out of my fingers forever..... I am reading Michael... Read more →