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Am I the only one who thinks that "Bindi the Jungle Girl" a/k/a daughter of the deceased Crocodile Hunter's new TV show is well, really sad and a last ditch attempt to earn some money off dad's fame before it all goes away? Just an aside. Talk amongst yourselves. So what do Mr. Pom and I do now that we don't have little tykes at home on weekend mornings that have to be diapered, dressed, fed, taken to Gymboree/t-ball/soccer/softball until the fall? We go out to breakfast - and not to the diner! )We are so over the diner. Bad... Read more →

Happy Days Are Here Again

--- well, at least they were here - now, back to work! The long weekend was exactly what we needed and we slept in, ate out, and still managed to get a lot done around the house. For the first time in a long while, I had no desire to drive to the Cape or even go out to dinner. I was just longing to spend some time in my own home and nest. And that we did. Here are the "before" photos of our screened porch: The oil stains? Let's not bring up unpleasant experiences. I'll just leave you... Read more →

When Work Worlds Collide

I don't expect to glide through life. For goodness sake, I'm more than halfway through this lifetime and I've had my share of woes. As they say, or someone does, my mother didn't raise no fool. Generally, Mr. Pom and I are very adept at watching where we step. However, we are also very used to hearing things crunch as we skip through life. (Skipping - very funny if you saw us both getting out of bed in the morning.) I like to pretend that I have everything under control. I know the bombs are out there, but Mr. Pom... Read more →

Sunday Sunny Sunday

Yesterday it was May in New York - cold, rainy, damp and frustrating. Mr. Pom and I picked up paving stones for our walkway in the pouring rain, fortified with cups of capuccino that steamed in the spring air. People are dismayed, affronted even by this cold, wet plunge when we are supposed to be visiting Mayfairs and buying strawberries in cream. But I remember more days like this than not, starting with my own graduation ceremonies under a damp and chilly tent too many years ago to tell, and The Princess's grad last year when it took both hands... Read more →

I'm It!

I've been tagged all the way from Newfoundland by the lovely artist, Jeanette Jobson, to tell 7 random things about myself. The problem is - what don't you know? What have I not revealed, blabbed, and bored you with already that I can actually reveal here, where my mother reads?? 1. I once wore a wire and met a man in a motel room. My nickname with my friends quickly became, "Loretta Beretta", (which the younger crowd will not recognize). 2. I spent the night under the conference table of the president of my college, and left the administration building... Read more →

Staying Put

So we're not going to the Cape for Memorial Day.We found a place to stay but after considering the cost for three nights, one of which would be Friday and if we were lucky, Mr. Pom might be able to leave in time to get us there before midnight, and after looking at the ten day forecast, we're staying home. We haven't forgotten the cold, rainy New Year's weekend and the incredibly rainy, never ending drive home. Better to stay put and if it's nice, hit the local beaches. Or the city. Holiday weekends are fabulous in the city -... Read more →

Sixteen Candles

This weekend was my niece's 16th birthday. Her parents held a beautiful party for her and the entire family gathered to celebrate the occasion. The party was full of kids - friends, cousins, babies, teens, and the house rocked with a DJ and dance floor. My brother in law's family has had a lot of losses in the past two years and it was wonderful to see his family together for a happy occasion. The birthday girl is the one in the middle. On either side is The Young One and her cousin, L. The birthday girl is the oldest,... Read more →

All I Want for Mother's Day Is You!!!!

What to do for Mother's Day? Ah, the most dreaded question of the year. It was easy when they were little: burnt toast and lukewarm coffee in bed, construction paper cards dripping with glitter, flowers from the yard. The middle years were particularly difficult: contrary adolescents who do not want to spend the day with each other much less in a car or restaurant for a drawn out meal. Last year, if you recall, I spent the day in the city with one of my sisters and we went to a fabric store. Really, we are so easy to please.... Read more →