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A Reprise

Apple is going to fix my laptop for free! I was only a few days past the 90 day warranty on the prior incredibly expensive repair, so they extended it for me. Bad news is that it's going to be more than a week to get it back. So while all my new photos are held hostage in the ailing laptop, here's some summer paintings brought back by popular my demand. Think of it as summer reruns, or This is my philosophy on a Saturday: This journal page is from a few winter's back, but I think the teapot goes... Read more →

Why Didn't I Become a Teacher??

Last time I posted about choosing teaching as a profession because they get summers off, I got all sorts of scolding comments about how teachers get part time summer jobs or go to school, etc. Pffft! I have lots of teacher friends and a sister who has taught for 30 years and for every summer working or in school, there are 9 spent at the beach. Maybe they're just slacker teachers (not), but without summer off, how could they recover from all the I probably would have become a teacher, it's just that everyone in my extended family was... Read more →

Deja Vu All Over Again

So here I am, hiding in the closet so I can use The Young One's laptop (a/k/a my old laptop). The most beautiful laptop in the world is once again defunct due to the power cord - the generic one since Apple can't keep up with the production of the authentic ones - and I haven't even brought it to the so-called Genuis Bar because last time, cost me $500. Sigh. Whatever. I'll use this Toshiba dinosaur in the meanwhile. I am home this week! On "vacation" while The Young One has a few days off between school and starting... Read more →

To Daisy

It was with shock and sorrow that I read of the unexpected death of Daisy Lupin, author of the blog, Cats In the Kitchen, Flora In the Garden . Daisy was such a sweet soul, living the life she'd always wanted in the countryside of England, and blogging about her garden, her Celtic spirituality, and her lovely family. I never met my friend across the pond, but it hardly seemed to matter in this strange blogging world, where IP addresses become best friends and websites attract those of similar ilk. In her last comment to me, Daisy wrote: I love... Read more →

O Father's Day, O Father's Day Lost Amidst the Birthdays

This weekend was Father's Day and today is Mystery's Man's 21st birthday. Poor Mr. Pom. He's had to share Father's Day with MM's birthdays and graduations. The year of MM's high school grad, we could barely get out of bed on Father's Day, being the day after the big backyard battle of the bands grad party. He was a little miffed but MM went out of his way to get his Dad a special gift and give it to him before the celebration started and that made Mr. Pom feel very, very happy. On Satuday, Mr. Pom and MM went... Read more →

So Rare As

I am a romantic at heart, beset by passions and urges and fancies that most would consider odd in a woman of certain years. At work, we decided that we are "seasoned women", tho one of us thought we should be called "spiced". What is so rare for a romantic than the breezes of a fair June Saturday afternoon? The sun is well over the house but the leaves outside the French doors rustle like taffeta and silk and the hum of the ceiling fan is enough to slide me from drowsy into sleep The smell of cookies baking wakes... Read more →


About this time every few years, Mr. Pom gets sailing wanderlust. It is usually brought on by a beautiful, clear day, a the view of graceful white sails tacking across Long Island Sound, and too many people with tattooes and loud radios at the beach. In reality, most of his experience as a boat owner was more akin to the photo above than any South Seas adventure. There's an old salt saying: "The two best days of a boat owner's life are the day he buys the boat - and the day he sells it." In Mr. Pom's case, it... Read more →

To Marcie, with love always, my ever teenage friend. To Ralph, our turkey fryer, love from all the Marvellettas. For Jane, who showed me kindness and friendship and invited me into her home when I had no friends. I will see you forever with a smile on your face, a quilt in your lap, a needle in your hand, and compassion in your heart. For all of you, that you may never lose hope or soul or friendship. May your feathers never ruffle nor your wings sag. Read more →


There are a few tangles in our lives this summer that may make us miss going to Cape Cod for the first time in 8 years. We started going to the Cape when the kids were only 1 and 2 (and The Young One was a twinkle in our eye, as my grandmother would say). We only went sporadically after we moved across the country, but since we've moved back to New York, we haven't missed a year. Spending some time on that fragile land is a spiritual touchstone for our family, and last year's late August visit was the... Read more →