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When I come home from work on Friday nights, it's hard to remember that I am an artist. I am tired. Bone tired. (But I guess not as tired as if I worked in a factory or taught two year olds or was a fireman, but pretty tired nonetheless.) Sometimes it's a tiredness of the soul; a lack of joie de vivre that keeps me from remembering that in my real life, I am an artist and writer first and a lawyer second. I don't have the type of law job where I have the luxury of spending hours writing... Read more →

The First Cicadas And the Delphiniums Are Almost Done

8:41 and dusk has fallen. The first cicadas of the season are whirring outside the porch. It is clear and cool and the dragonfly lights are lit. Coffee would be perfect. Where's the houseboy? Oh, waiter! Alas, it is just me and since I just had an ice cream cone, I guess I should forgo it. La Principessa is home and upset because she was wearing the Venetian glass ring she bought in Italy and hit her hand down on a table at work and the ring shattered. It wasn't expensive, just very dear. However, The Boyfriend is still in... Read more →

Summer's blush is halfway gone and we are facing the empty, vacant weeks when more people are out of the office than in and friends' phones are answered only by machines. More of the world is off somewhere and we are just a tad bit sorry for ourselves that we are not. But there is still the sweetness of a breezy, cool Sunday morning and the knowledge that a pork loin encircled with fresh rosemary is patiently marinating in the fridge. There's leftover Gorgonzola and walnut ravioli from last night, and someone (me) had the prescience to mix it in... Read more →

The Lambs Are Back in the Fold

La Principessa is home! She came bearing gifts, a bracelet from the Ponte Vecchio, olive oil, a Venetian mask for her father, Carthusia perfume and a handmade, leatherbound watercolor journal for me. What a girl! As Mr. Pom says, makes all those years of diapers and cleaning up throw up worthwhile. (La Principessa rarely threw up. She'd rather die.) Tomorrow The Teen arrives home from Cape Cod and I will forgive her for Forgetting To Get My Rocks from Nauset. It's okay, just one more reason why I have to fit in a week at the Cape sometime in August.... Read more →

No, this is not me, though I wish it were! I don't even know her name, but she was painting so serenely at The Farm that I just had to take her photo. It's a beautiful summer image and a reminder for me that getting to work doesn't have to be a torturous process. I confess that I've never painted en plein air, unless you count in my journal. I am not a landscape painter; I still do trees like sticks and bushes like round, green blobs. It just seems to be the epitome of painterliness - the easel, the... Read more →

La Dolce Niente

Whatever time of year it is, I always think that the time to really get some work done is right around the corner. The next season is the season when I will finally have time to do the work I want to do. If it summer, I dream of long winter afternoons with nothing to do but write and sew. If it is summer, I daydream about rainy fall weekends and painting and using a glue gun till my house smells like a bindery. In reality, all seasons should be the season for work, for passionate work, for blissful work,... Read more →

Monday Musings

I'm not at the beach but let's pretend that I am. This has been a really strange summer. It's mid-July and I haven't been to the beach ONCE. Many reasons why, but mainly because we've been busy on the weekends. We wanted to get the new garden bed planted before a heat wave came. Only fools plant gardens in July, and tho we know we are fools, we were trying to lessen the impact. I'm also in the middle of another sinus issue - the third in six weeks and I am sort of just sort of going through the... Read more →

A Wicked Weekend

All the kids are elsewhere - Cape Cod, Connecticut - and Italy, and Mr. Pom and I are having a Wicked weekend. (It's okay, Mom, you can keep reading.) With a click of a mouse, we had orchestra seats to Wicked, and don't tell anyone that I snapped this pic of the curtain. They needn't worry about copyright, cause it's so blurry that you can barely tell what it is. But I couldn't resist showing you the wonderful mechanical dragon that roars and smokes in the first moments of the show. The play is a fireball of color, movement, fantastical... Read more →

Walk the Walk

When we moved to this little house almost 7 years ago, I was in mourning for the life I left behind. Specifically for the house and garden I left behind. For the 13 massive hydrangeas I'd planted in an allee to separate the inground pool from the kitchen. For the moon flower vine that scented the air, for the butterfly bush and giant sage that collected butterflies all summer long, for the prostrate rosemary that neighbors came by to snip before supper, for the peonies, the Cecile Brunner roses against the old brick wall, the raised corner bed with the... Read more →

Harry Gets a Headache

Last night I saw the new Harry Potter film. I loved the series when it first came out. I discovered the first book when I was rushing through the Denver airport, looking for a gift to bring back to my son. The book had just been published and I knew nothing about it, but it looked like a book I would have liked to read when I was a kid. Of course, he loved it, I loved it, The Princess loved it, and then it began to be the phenomenon it is. I read a few more books, but then... Read more →