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From Sea to Sea

Mr. Pom had one week of vacation left, so he dragged me and The Teen to the ocean. The Princess has been here for three delightful days, but she has to leave early tomorrow morning to go to work. MM is back in school as classes started Monday. We miss him! It's lovely being here, but a bit strange as my get up and go is not yet fully returned and I am fairly limited to getting in the car, falling out onto the sand, and keeping my duff in a chair all day. Y'know - none of the usual... Read more →

I Could Get Used to This

Other than the fact that it's been 56 degrees and raining for three days, I've been slowly coming round enough to enjoy being home for these weeks. I have all sorts of art and writing projects which must be done before I return to work, so naturally, my mind seems unable to process anything creative and I've done nothing. However, I have instead been into the organizing mode and I cleaned up the bedroom and put away a lot of stuff that had been lingering in the living and dining room since .....well, Easter. I began organizing my art room,... Read more →

Road trips

We've been homebound this summer, for a variety of reasons. The plans are to get away next week for a quiet stay at the water, soaking up sun, reading, walking, and allowing the ocean to heal us down to our souls. Mystery Man had the biggest adjustment of all this year. He began a working internship in January that involved him moving to Connecticut and living alone in an apartment and working a 40 hour week for 8 months. He finished it up two weeks ago, moved all his stuff to his off campus house at school, and came home... Read more →

My Manners!

It occurred to me that it might have been polite to thank you all for your good wishes before I started my crank-a-thon. You're all a delight and cheering me up almost as well as some gooey brownies with nuts. Blame it on the drugs. Good things: Having the strength to finally blow dry my hair. There oughta be a special treatment you can give your hair before any hospitalization so it just hangs straight like a helmet and you don't wake up all Don King due to profuse night sweats. Fage organic Greek yoghurt - like freaking custard even... Read more →

Mrs. Pom Gets Cranky

I am so bored by myself. Rather, I am bored of myself. I'm bored of my aches and pains. I'm bored of wearing semi-fitting pajama type clothes. I'm bored of the smell of my hair, which reminds me of the hospital. I am definitely bored of Paula, Giada, Ina, and Top Chef Miami. I'm bored of talking on the phone about how I am. I'm bored of my house. I'm bored enough that I called People At the Office to chat! But then someone annoyed me and I remembered how much they all annoy me and I hung up. I'm... Read more →


Last week I had some surgery - elective, worked out fine - but it has taken more time than I thought to struggle back to the surface and feel like myself again than I thought it would. Mr. Pom became nursemaid, cook, driver, launderer, bather, purveyor of drugs, picker-upper of anything that fell on the floor, and night time pillow fluffer and blanket smoother. True, he didn't read me to sleep like my hospital roommate's husband did, but he did everything else, and I mean everything as only those who have experienced abdominal surgery can understand. Only 27 years of... Read more →

This horse is wearing nifty but scary looking blinders to keep the bugs out of his eyes. I've had on my metaphorical blinders, too, while I hunker down to get an important project seen through to the end. I'm sorry I haven't been around very much, but soon I'll be back to regular posting.Once I climb out of this well, there will be more tales of summer and starry nights. I hope wherever you live, that you are as refreshed and cool as this lovely rose leaning against an old granite wall. Read more →

To Read is To Live

I started reading A Thousand Splendid Suns yesterday. My mother had borrowed it and sent it back. (My mother is the only person I would lend an unread book to. She has rights after all these years.) I hadn't started it because The Princess had quickly finished Harry Potter and I had started that. Actually, I have the following books all started. I usually never have more than 2; it is a sign of my dithered state this summer and all that is going on with too much work and no vacation yet. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Born... Read more →

In a Cabin In the Woods

Our friends bought their lake cabin the same summer we moved to California. We were miffed! Why didn't they do this years ago! Turned out to be a great diversion for us when we would visit from out of state. There's only so long you can sleep on your sister's third floor - on the floor- and only so long your sister can put up with you sleeping there. So off we would go to the cabin, with three kids, sleeping bags, our friends following behind with a trunk stuffed with food, and our friends at the cabin with a... Read more →

I wish I could tell you that I haven't been posting because I've been outside, having lunch in a sidewalk cafe, and reading in a hammock. Er, no. Workworkwork would be the boring topic. So I'll spare you. We had a beautiful weekend up at the lake and I am going to upload the photos tonight to show you. Mr. Pom has been reading the book pictured above for about 3 months. It's very heavy. And it weighs a lot, too. He never reads fiction. Never. However did we get together? He reads biographies, historical non-fiction, and contemporary non-fiction. He... Read more →